Ah, that unexplainable feeling you get when you indulge yourself with the most coveted sweets of all: chocolates. Perfect for this season, might I add. I prefer receiving chocolates as gifts so I could relish at its unique flavor and truly find joy at every artisanal masterpiece. zChocolat, as one fine example, is the premier home of luxury-branded chocolates exquisitely perfected by master artisan chocolatiers over the years since 1999.

zChocolat Hobbies Collection

Made from France, these delectable gourmet chocolates adhere to their exemplary vision to complete customer satisfaction + provide a one-of-a-kind packaging for their products.

I received this parcel on one rough, sunny afternoon, where my hopes were completely lost over my failing school enrollment. What a way to greet the treat, right?

Though I’ve got to admit that I was not able to publish this draft immediately because of some awful circumstances at home, the feeling of tasting these chocolates made bursting happiness, to which it still lingers on to this day. Let me elaborate:

Basswood Gift Box Packaging

zChocolat Traveller Hobbies Collection

I received the Traveller piece from their Hobbies Collection, which comes in an intricately crafted basswood gift box embellished with engraved passport stamps. The entire box is laden with 30 pieces of mouth-watering classic best-sellers from the Numbered Collection.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for chocolate enthusiasts like me, you may present this elegant chocolate box along with a customized crafted lid with a hobby of your choice.

There are different sorts available, such as the Artist, Fashionista, Music Lover, Socker Player, and more which you can choose from here.

zChocolat Traveller Hobbies Collection

It comes along with a drawstring bag embellished once more with their popular trademark. Inside are two, black chocolate boxes laden with the Numbered Collection.

A travel case-shaped mahogany accessory comes as an addition, beautifully dangling on the drawstring bag, which completely takes the packaging up a notch.

Your chocolates are best handled until delivery due to their very thoughtful packaging design by adding tempacks to keep the temperature down. This is quite a blessing for us here coming from tropical countries, for we will never receive our chocolates completely melted down!

zChocolat Traditional Assortment

This wonderfully crafted masterpiece of Pascal Caffet, a world-renowned chocolatier, consists of an exquisite mix of ganaches, pralines, solid chocolates, and hints of sticky caramel.

zChocolat Traveller Hobbies Collection

This chocolate confection might as well be deemed one of the most perfect artisan chocolates that ever existed.  With every piece comes with a unique taste, a flavorful fusion of a variety of ingredients that create a complementary blend.

As every best-selling chocolate melts in the mouth, you can definitely feel its distinctiveness; it makes a heart-stopping entrance to your mouth and lingers on down to the tongue.

zChocolat Exotic Assortment

For the adventurous ones, this one is the extremely perfect combination. Now what lies here is a legendary blend of chocolates and other outstanding flavors – coconuts, orange, pistachio, and other original creations.

zChocolat Traveller Hobbies Collection

It could be a hint of tangy orange, or a splash of coconut – who knows? Allow your tongue to explore every bit of its ingredients, and see how distinct and simply exciting chocolates can be.

This collection comes with two white Z chocolates as well – pieces that were not quite as exotic, but definitely new yet still amazingly familiar to the tongue.

Be wary though, as exotic the chocolate pieces can be, you would much rather chomp them down slowly instead of throwing them down immediately into your mouth.

Believe me, every bite was quite surprising.

zChocolat Hobbies Collection

Note: For complete information about every specific numbered chocolate, zChocolat includes a Chocolate Directory book for your reference – just in case you want to cheat and do not want to get surprised for a flavor you wouldn’t want to taste.

Orders + Delivery

zChocolat Traveller Hobbies Collection

If you head over to their website, you can make orders as fast and efficiently as you want. From the design, box, message, to the kinds of chocolates you want your box laden with – you have the complete control over that.

To see the different collections and assortments for other specific occasions like birthdays, holidays, and seasons, you may do so here.

Shipping comes in a flat-out rate specified on the website as well. However, shipping is free if you purchase a minimum of three products for one delivery address. Taxes are free if sent as a gift – so your receiver will never have to worry when the parcel comes!

Taxes are free if sent as a gift – so your receiver will never have to worry when the parcel comes!

Enriched with unique and classic flavors, these chocolates will bring in satisfaction right to the last bite. Give someone the gift of happiness through these French chocolates and indulge them with its equally splendid sweetness.

If zChocolat shall indulge me with these chocolates forever, I shall be merry for a lifetime! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. these looks amazing! i love the fashionista packaging, although all of them just look so pretty. and the way you describe the chocolates just made my mouth water. I’m cutting out all refined sugar from my diet, with the sole exception of chocolates. how can anyone ever resist a good piece of chocolate, right?

  2. Hi! How long did it took for the chocolates to arrive? I plan to order these to surprise my friend. But I am quite wary as most of the comments in their Facebook page are negative. 🙁

    1. Negative? Really? That’s sad. Their chocolates are really, really good though! I think it arrived around 10 days after sending my details to them and the chocolates were still completely frozen. 🙂

  3. It looks delicious and sweet but luxurious. How much does this box cost? And how much is the shipping fee? Where are they based? It worries me that it’s international based, baka maharang sa customs hahaha

    1. This box costs around P4,000. Quite expensive, I know, but definitely worth it! Shipping is, if I’m not mistaken, around P700-ish? But I agree, there might be a problem with the customs, so best if you inquire further about this! 🙂 It’s tax-free btw!

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