There’s this feeling that drives me crazy whenever I’m unable to update my blog once in a while. I know I’m not the only one who feels the same. Luckily for me, blogging just keeps me sane at all cost. Let me tell you this: When you have a life outside the blog that you’ve been so engulfed to place your effort on, lessons to study (and cram), and work that mainly supports you, then it is no doubt that squeezing in some blogging time can be hard. But what if it’s one of the only things that keep me sane?

Though I’m living in an extremely busy lifestyle, I still find a lot of ways to blog even though I’m not facing the laptop. I’m either drafting up some posts on my phone, or jotting down some notes on what to blog next. Here are the reasons why I do these to keep my life sane:

It is therapeutic.

Blogging has always been my favorite therapeutic hobby because I tend to be so full of emotions that I mindlessly rant them all over Twitter. Writing, in general, makes me feel calmed and put together. In this fast-paced lifestyle that I am living in, I seriously need to take a breather once in a while and doing what I love is just a great way to do so.

I could easily coordinate my thoughts.

I have a cluttered mind inside my head and it’s no wonder why. I’m a multi-tasking kind of person and I juggle a lot of things aside from my blog. I also try to keep my inter-relationships straight together, if that counts. The point is, in order for me to do blogging quite seriously, I need to de-clutter and train my mind to focus instead. You have no idea just how hard that is especially when there are other things you need to think about and do (like me, who is supposed to study for Midterms right now but instead I’m making a bunch of blog posts – hurray!).

It gives me a break from all the mathematical equations (a.k.a. Engineering life!).

Yes, the horror! Every day I’m facing all my professors telling me what this equation is, how to do this and that, then memorize them! I’ve always hated math and I don’t know what piqued me to take up an engineering course in the first place. At the end of the day, I always look forward to blogging something new because it keeps me off from the stressful (and hell-ish) Engineering life I’m stuck into.

I am able to eliminate the stress in my system.

Blogging is sort of a drug now that eliminates the stupid stress in my system. It’s a distraction away from the toxic reality in front of me. That is why it is very important to incorporate blogging into my daily schedule. It gives me some room to release what needs to be out and it serves as my happy pill, too.

I meet some blogger friends who always give out their support.

Fellow bloggers will always know and understand what you are going through. My blogging friends are my support system because they encourage me to step out and be brave when life has been thrashing me all too much. I have a couple of blogger friends on Facebook and I have grown to be close friends with them even if we’re only connected virtually in front of a computer screen.

I’m glad that blogging gives me a lot more benefits than just enhancing my skills. If you, my dearest reader, is still planning on making a blog, I guarantee that all the time spent into working out even the littlest detail of your blog is all worth it. 🙂

What do you think? Has blogging kept you sane more than crazy lately? Share some of your thoughts below!

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  1. Absolutely! I am new in blogging thing but I write to earn after quitting my broadcast media career 3 years ago. My mentor-friends encouraged me to buy my own domain and blog. It is my personal way of sharing my experiences, thoughts and feelings. I am loving it now. And I love sharing, interacting and collaborating with fellow bloggers.

  2. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. kudos

  3. Blogging have been keeping me sane for the past 5-6 years. It’s the only place where I can really share my thoughts in life and opinions on particular issues without really being judged.

  4. I love this – blogging helps keeps me sane as well. Writing is truly therapeutic. So glad to have an outlet and so glad that it has helped you as well!

    xx Larisa @

  5. Since I write for a living, I consider my blog as a leeway for what I really want to write about, as I opposed to what I’m only paid to. It’s therapeutic in a way, mostly because there are no deadlines to pressure me when I’m writing. Besides that, there’s also a general good feeling that you’re able to connect with people and help them with what they need/want to know. 🙂

  6. Despite the increasing trend of earning from blogs, I’m glad that there are still a lot of people who find blogging as an outlet for themselves. 🙂 I remember when I started out in sophomore HS, I just blogged whatever feels that I had. It was embarrassing, sure, but it was also liberating to find an outlet. 🙂

    1. Earning is just a side perk for me. What’s really important is that I get to share what I know, or share something interesting to my readers. It’s really liberating for me, too. 🙂

  7. Your post is on point. I can relate on almost everything maybe except the break it gives you with your math life. I agree that its therapeutic as blogging is also one of my therapeutic activity besides lettering and playing games.

    Blogging to me is my refuge whenever I have so many things in mind. Like you — it clears my mind and my thoughts. I blog to destress because my work life is toxic. I blog to remind myself that I have a life other than endless client revisions. Maybe blogging is my own happy pill — not that I’m not happy in life. Hahaha!

    Lastly, about blog friends — you know, most of the blog friends I’ve made way back before like 10 years ago are still my blog friends until now. They are truly one of the most supportive bunch I have and I feel blessed to have them. I’d be happy to be blog friends with you too! 🙂

    1. It’s really great that blogging helps you detoxify somehow. I know it’s hard when you’re buzzing here and there for so many things to do. Blogging is the same for me as well, and I’m grateful it turned out to be like this for me! 🙂 Also, I’d be very happy to be one of your blogging friends! Let’s keep in touch more! 🙂

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth! I can relate to almost all of the things you pointed out. To add, I blog to keep myself writing, even if it’s just about ordinary day-to-day activities, because it’s something that I don’t ever want to give up. I guess in that way, it keeps me sane too. 🙂

  9. Oh hey! Blogging keeps me sane too. I was an engineering student, now an engineering practitioner. ECE. College is tough. You’ll get through! What is it with engineers and multitasking? Like you, I have a bunch of other things I take care of — being a wife (a new one at that), my side hustle (freelance writing) and family + friends. Keep on blogging. I believe it helps people become better. *wink*

    1. Wow, another blogger who is an engineer. I’m really proud of you! And I guess it’s because we engineers need to blow off some steam once in a while that’s why we multitask with other things not related to our field. That’s just how I see it anyway, because I definitely go crazy when I’m facing numbers all the time! Haha

  10. I totally like this post, just because I feel the same way too. You’ve mentioned some of the reasons I had, that made go back to blogging. Because blogging is more than writing and sharing of stories. It is a lot more than that. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you chose to go back to blogging. It is definitely more than what you’ve said! I always found happiness when I’m logging, so clearly, it’s part of my life and I wouldn’t want to part ways with it ever! 🙂

  11. Hi Mimi, I can super relate!! I’ve been feeling really agitated and irritable lately, and blogging really helps to calm me down. It’s like if you’re feeling helpless with your current situation, it’s always good to know that you have a place you can actually control (from the topics down to the layout) and that there are supportive people always (hello blogger friends!).

    Reg of

    1. That’s nice to hear! I feel better as well whenever I type up some new articles for the blog. It’s okay to vent out once in a while. Also, you have many supportive blogger friends with you, so you are not alone in your journey! 🙂

  12. This is such a relatable, great post! I really identify with some of these, especially as I have suffered from severe anxieties. If I am experiencing the usual sense of dread building up it helps to have support there from other bloggers, it’s so nice! Your blog is so pretty 😀

    Just followed you on bloglovin! – I am ‘elizabeth (Ice Cream Clara blog)’
    Would you like to follow each other? xx

    elizabeth |

    1. I am so glad you could relate to this post, and also because blogging helped you with your anxieties! I have the same problem as well, but I think I am dealing well with this kind of problem simply because the blogging community has become very supportive of my endeavors. 🙂 And thank you! I really appreciate that <3

  13. Both in a way! it allows me to write as much as I want, which is definitely super nice, however it does give me some stress every now and then because it puts a lot of pressure on you, well in my case it does, ’cause I want it to be as perfect as it can be!

    1. I know how getting extremely pressured when blogging gets into the way of truly enjoying it, but I guess it’s really just a balance of mixing in your own personality + being informative to your posts. Your posts are truly perfect already though! 🙂

  14. I find blogging so enjoyable because it allows me to do two things I love: photography and writing. It’s very much one of my favorite hobbies, albeit a time-consuming one. XD I’ve met a lot of bloggers that I know consider my friends, so it’s worthwhile to me.

  15. I know exactly what you mean, Mimi, blogging is what keeps me sane too, life can be so crazy and overwhelming sometimes! It’s such an amazing creative and emotional outlet. I love talking to other bloggers, too, everyone is always so lovely and supportive, bloggers are a lovely bunch of people! Stay strong, Mimi, and hope you have an awesome weekend 🙂 take care x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. Taking with other people you barely know can sometimes be a comforting feeling. I love how a lot of them are very supportive. This community just keeps on growing and I found it so wonderful. 🙂 Thank you, Amanda, and have a good weekend as well! 🙂

  16. Those are all valid points and you’re right about all of these. But in my experience, it only used to feel therapeutic and kept me ‘sane’ when blogs weren’t a big deal. Now I feel it becomes stressful because I constantly have to keep it updated, haha. I think it all began when I started to notice that ‘legit bloggers’ have to have an editorial calendar to keep their blogs really organized.. idk, that sounds too much work.

    The good points of blogs, though, is you get to easily network and meet new people. I’m seeing a lot of new bloggers pop up recently, and knowing a bit about them without being aggressive about it (just reading through their posts) makes me want to meet them. This time, I actually feel confident about it that it wouldn’t be awkward like the usual meeting between two strangers.

    On the other hand, I do feel I get to destress and just get and sort out my thoughts whenever I write into my other journal. 🙂 Only because it has no readers, haha.

    1. I don’t really do well with an editorial calendar because sometimes I feel constricted.. or something. I just type something down when I wanted to post something! Haha. For me, I try to keep this blog as personal as possible without annoying my readers with too much personal glimpse of my life. I just try to make a balance so that it would be beneficial for them too and yet I still get to express myself. 🙂 But I certainly agree about being pressured now in blogging.

      I love meeting new faces in the blogosphere, too! As much as possible I visit their blogs, but there are too many of them popping out nowadays. Haha

  17. Well same here, Mi. Then one thing is that I blog because I just can’t babble all my ideas to these specific individuals. I hate how it’s always so hard for me to fit in. Maintaining a blog is so hard, but there’s just something about it that’s very fulfilling. Well the happiness we get from it is one thing! I’m so following your positive views towards everything Mi. I’m eyeing on those <3

    1. I know how it feels not having the guts to say everything to the people you meet everyday, but you have the guts instead to speak to individuals who are in the virtual. I’m so happy you find blogging so fulfilling, Lou! And thank you! <3

  18. Yes yes i couldn’t agree more Mi! Blogging has been one of my go-to place whenever i feel like being creative or when I’m sad, happy, or excited because i don’t really like telling other people (friends/family) about what I’m feeling lol! That’s why blogging is so important to me <3

    1. I know what you mean. My own family doesn’t even know that I’m a blogger! I think it’s best kept that way as I’m very shy to show them that I own this blog. Haha. At least the virtual world can’t judge on the reality I have.

  19. Blogging does sometimes drive me crazy. There are many times I find myself blogging or reading other people’s blog posts instead of studying or reading books or sleeping. But blogging has also encouraged me to live a life worth blogging about. I mean, nothing extravagant, but like choosing to go out to a new place instead of staying at home, holed up on my bed watching TV shows. So for that reason, I can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon 🙂 / I think it’s really cool that you’re studying something so different from blogging. I have a feeling that many people interested in blogging are probably also interested in studying communications/marketing/business or photography/English. It’s cool that you’re an engineer with a creative outlet 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. You’ve said it so well! I guess blogging really helped me come out of my comfort zone. When I committed to blogging a few months ago, I never expected this kind of transformation to happen. I’m glad it’s done you so well until now! 🙂

      I think it’s the other way around for me. I’ve always been interested in those things that you mentioned, but I ventured into the engineering course. Haha. Perhaps I thought it was something out of my comfort zone. xD

  20. I completely agree about it keeping me sane and coordinating my thoughts. It is definitely a good outlet, a way to explore and express oneself instead of bottling it in, and sometimes you learn more about yourself without even knowing 🙂 Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, always try my best to return the support! <3

  21. I totally agree with you 🙂 Blogging also gives me a good break from the reality… sometimes makes me forget I have a lot of work to do 😉

  22. I love blogging so much– before I started to blog– I feel my life doesn’t have direction– i feel that something is missing.
    If you know me, i’m a kind of silent type of person in real life and i don’t mingle with people that much. Just because I’m afraid to be rejected and be betrayed– as I trust people so much that I end up getting failed.
    But through blogging– i can express my self further to the virtual life.

    And that makes me happy that I can connect with people without the fear.
    I love what you wrote in here.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    1. Same with me. Blogging really changed the direction of my life. Right now I am in a community where the people are really fun to be with, and nothing ever stops me anymore from doing what I love. That’s just a great perk to get from blogging 🙂

  23. Same. I blog for myself, because it is my happy place, where I can just let my feelings flow. I also love how it challenges me to keep writing, no matter what. We all have those days when we just can’t think of anything to write but we always find our way back. Our blogs are a part of ourselves. Without it, we’re incomplete!

  24. It is great that blogging helps you. People release stress in different ways. Some have a positive impact, while other start up addictions or other behaviors that may produce a negative effect on a person. Therefore, I am glad blogging is something you go towards.

    I personally dance to relieve stress, but since I can’t do that due to lack of space I picked up crocheting and sewing. Or wear sheet masks and watch some shows or listen to an audiobook. Oh and coloring. I love coloring and drawing.

    I feel ya with the college stuff. My final semester was the hardest semester I ever had. By the way, I actually enjoy math, but I didn’t do anything in that direction.

    As for my blog, I blog because I like to share my enjoyment of skincare and makeup, with a bit a music and random stuff mixed in. No one in family or friends understands my obsession, so I here I am Internet.

    1. I love dancing as well! I’d really like to go back to dancing though since I haven’t done that for many months already. Good for you that you love math! 😀 I’m still in the process of loving it but so far I think I’m fine with my direction, I haven’t really thought about shifting to another course. 🙂 It’s great that you share what you are passionate about through blogging. I love reading some bits off your blog and hopefully that inspires you to continue what you’re doing! 🙂

    1. Really? I didn’t know you were an engineering student, ate Jae! That’s amazing! At least someone could testify how life in an engineering course feels like hell once in a while ha ha ha <3

  25. Same here, Mi! Most people I know find blogging pointless, but I beg to disagree. It’s been one of my go-to places whenever I feel like ranting in long paragraphs. It serves as my storage room when I feel like emptying out my emotional drawers. Also, I’m glad that I get to meet a lot of friends from the blogosphere. I feel like I’m much closer to them than most people I know in flesh. And I agree! Blogging is indeed therapeutic! 🙂

    1. I know a lot of people who think blogging is all about showcasing your beauty, your luxurious bags and clothes, and I’m like… what??? Blogging is a form of self-expression! If that’s how they prefer to express themselves then other people shouldn’t judge them as the former. And I know how you feel, ate Alyssa. I’ve been there too! 🙂

  26. Same here, mi. Blogging has helped me in so many ways especially in fighting depression. I wish I can blog more often tho, day job has been stressful lately.

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