Tokyo Table Cebu: Japanese Buffet Heaven

When going Japanese for dinner is something quite new to me, I drew back at first from the hesitation to try out each dish, slowly, and then to my gusto right eventually. Truth be told, I never really understand why folks love the spreads of Japanese foods in general, but now I do. When Tokyo Table Cebu invited the troop #CBCFoodies, we didn’t back down – not on Japanese foods. Let me tell you how my first experience went there.

Tokyo Table Cebu Review

Tokyo Table Cebu Ambiance

In general, the buffet is very much generous with the amount of both Japanese and Asian cuisines laid on the table. As much as I’d want to try each and every single one of them, there is only so much I could conquer myself.

Tokyo Table Cebu Fish

Tokyo Table Cebu Tempura

Tokyo Table Cebu Raw Meat

I made sure to relish importantly on the meat and desserts though because my tongue has never really favored sushi that well, but I’ve got to say, for those who are fans of it, they have the best selections right here!

Tokyo Table Cebu California Maki

Tokyo Table Cebu Rib Eye Steak

You can also never swerve the roasted beef rib eye calling for your attention (available on certain days only). It stands there in all its glory, tempting you with its medium rare finish accompanied with either butter or mushroom gravy. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you walk towards the spread of Japanese foods laid out in the buffet area, and something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

Tokyo Table Cebu Asian Cuisine

Tokyo Table Cebu Asian Cuisines 2

We had Hokkaido ramen and I chose pork while the others had the chicken variant. My poor tongue only got to taste legit ramen (and not those cheap ones in noodle packets) for the first time, and I definitely loved the thick and rich creamy texture of the soup and how the pork flavor just bursts.

Tokyo Table Cebu Sushi Rolls

Tokyo Table Cebu Meat Grilling

Then we tossed around some tender-looking bulgogi down at the grill and waited for its meat to cook softly. There are more raw food selections in one part of their buffet table as well – chicken, pork BBQ, squid tentacles, pork tocino, hotdog, shrimp, and salmon belly among them. The spicy ones were a favorite, of course.

Tokyo Table Cebu Grilling

Tokyo Table Cebu Cake

At the far end comes a glorious prize for devouring a plate or two (or three, or four) consisting of meat, vegetables, and seafood assortments. The dessert table, as we know, is both a punishment and a pleasure to our bulging tummies. We go for it anyway – it wouldn’t hurt, my fat says. Then I woke up the next day and gained half a pound just after that long, appetizing, and tummy-agonizing dinner.

Tokyo Table Cebu Desserts

Tokyo Table Cebu Desserts 2

Desserts are only available on dinner buffets, so if you’re planning to try them (which, I assure, you wouldn’t want to miss at all!), you will never be disappointed. Their cheesecake varieties were some that I couldn’t pass up despite declaring that I was already very full. Who says no to cheesecakes anyway?

Why Tokyo Table Cebu is a taste of heaven

  1. A fusion of Asian and Japanese spreads | If you’re not a fan of sushi (undoubtedly, since a high population here in Cebu favors these as well), you can opt for ribs, lechon macau, and other palatable Asian cuisines found at one corner of the buffet table.
  2. Unlimited drinks | Rates are already inclusive of unlimited soft drinks, coffee, or beer! No need to be skimpy on your consumption since there is a whole table dedicated to drinks of your choices.
  3. Dessert heaven | Your eyes will bulge at their wide selections of desserts, which is never a wrong thing, really. I love that they have all my favorites available. My sweet tooth was screaming in delight, but once I realized I made a wrong move by indulging too much on meats and soup beforehand, I was furious with regret. Next time I come back, I will be prioritizing their desserts already.
  4. Cook all you want at their smokeless grill | They have the usual bulgogi, chicken BBQ, squid, and plenty more offered at their raw section. The smokeless grill is attached to your own table, so you will just need to bring a plate filled with a generous amount of your favorites and you can start cooking.
  5. Accommodating staffs | The staffs were really approachable when it comes to explaining what this food is, how to cook this and that, et cetera. Customer service is excellent and everything is well-monitored, so be assured that everything is only of high quality.

Tokyo Table Cebu Buffet Rates

Lunch (Monday – Friday): P616
Dinner (Monday – Thursday): P728
Dinner (Friday), Lunch & Dinner (Saturday – Sunday),
Special Holidays:

I’d spoiled myself so much these days, but Tokyo Table Cebu was one I never had regrets with. Suffice to say I’d widened up my food selections this time and was able to devour plenty more food than the usual – more than what I could handle, quite frankly. This place definitely gives a wholesome experience on Japanese and Asian cuisine. As such, it is definitely a must-try for its delectable offerings. Can’t wait to be back!

Tokyo Table Cebu
City Time Square, Mantawi Avenue,
Mandaue City (across Parkmall)
Contact Nos.: (032) 239 7000 / 0932 665 4004
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  1. Everything looks so mouth-watering! Especially the desserts! <3 I love food, but the buffet is not for me. I am kinda weak when in comes to tolerating loads of food. 🙁 I will not enjoy what I've paid for. Unless they allow me to take out (kidding)!

  2. i love your blog theme. very cute. and oh! you have instagram worthy category for your blog. but this blog post specifically is instagram worthy too!

    anyway, i love buffet and this one’s a japanese buffet! i could tell that i would get a lot of those makis and grill a lot of meat too. argh. this time, i missed tong yang. i missed eating a lot! what;s your favorite japanese food?

  3. *drools*

    They have so many choices! I would go into food coma if ever I stepped inside this heaven. Your pictures are really amazing. What camera did you use? Would you know if they have branches outside Cebu? 😀

  4. I badly need to save for this one. I’ve been wanting to go there, but I can’t afford 🙁 Your photos are quite demanding me to visit already. Thanks for this Mi! 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sushi because I don’t like them hehe but I want to try the meat! Ahhhh if only I can smell the meat being grilled haha Also, I was looking for takoyaki! Haha do they have it?

    It’s good it’s a fusion of Asian, because I can’t last that long with a whole Japanese buffet hehe I love to try local food too! 🙂

  6. Gosh those desserts left my mouth watering! 😛 Have you been to buffets before? I’ve always been curious how people have the tummy to eat a loooot since I seem to always fail at trying to make my buffet experience worth it because by the second plate I’m already full and it feels like I only consumed 10% of what I paid for. I promise that I don’t attack the heavy meals at first, but no, nabubusog pa rin ako kaagad! Lol

  7. Japanese food (and everything they do) is pure art! If there’s anything I miss about not being vegetarian, it’s got to be sushi, haha. But veggie sushi is really good though (especially from Whole Foods, yummmm), and I’m completely fine with that!

    And those desserts! I’m dying. Muuuust. Eaaaat.

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