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Third Degree Charred Cebu Bar and Grill Food Review - Chasing Bleu

A slew of new restaurants that serve grilled dishes are slowly coming into town, so Third Degree Charred Cebu came in with a promising menu that will set your taste buds on fire.

The restaurant brings fusion cuisine to the table, crafted as an original masterpiece by Mr. Richard himself, father of business manager Rina Lim. Operations of this restaurant just recently begun last December 2016, and furthermore continues to amplify the exquisite cuisines that they offer.

[blockquote author=”” pull=”center”]…a promising menu that will set your taste buds on fire.[/blockquote]

Third Degree Charred Cebu Grill & Resto Bar Bestsellers

A mixture of their bestsellers has become such because of their unique taste and combination of ingredients. None like the other, they claimed, therefore I reckon it’s something worth trying. Indeed, theirs didn’t underestimate.


Crispy Kangkong

A Crispy Kangkong appetizer led the entire table of foods we were about to devour that night. Paired with a creamy garlic sauce, the fried kangkong was a blend of otherworldly, if not for the oil that lingers as an aftertaste.


Braised Beef Kitting

This dish has a fall-off-the-bone meat that meshes well with the potato cuts — a savory combination, one that you could easy chew in your mouth, literally. Unarguably, this dish was well-deserved of the applause and amazement gathered from me and my friends. It’s a specialty dish worth trying if meat is your main agenda and you’re looking to try one of their original and reinvented recipes.


Kinamatisang Kawali

The flavor of the Kinamatisang Kawali is not overpowering and did not go overboard with saltiness either, and has the right tartness you’d expect from freshly cut tomatoes. Chewy kawali meat gritted in between my teeth would chomp down gracefully, I’d imagine, with a glass of beer (which they also offer — and a whole lot of liquor).

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Sizzling Sisig

Standing as an all-time favorite item, this Sizzling Sisig was cooked to a compelling degree. Theirs was cooked just right with enough drizzle of vinegar and sauce, which was a surefire way to heighten my appetite.


Crispy Pata

This sinfully-made crispy pata skin pulled me in complete reverie, and I was quick to give in to the temptation to limit myself to just a few servings. Even without the sauce, the meat itself is tender to satiate my mouth. A single order can already appease a whole family or big group, and so I’d recommend this as well.


Pork BBQ Sticks

A grilled-centered restaurant won’t be complete without the Pork BBQ, and the ones here at Third Degree Charred Cebu will set you right off the bat of your meal. Its flavored-enhanced sauce took the dish up a notch, which, might I say, is at par with that of their classic rib’s.


Other Grilled Options

Aside from pork and beef, Third Degree Charred Cebu Bar and Grill also offers seafood, chicken, vegetables, and soup dishes. Their Panga Ordinary and BBQ Ribs are also worth noting, given that my friends wiped off the plate a few minutes before I was able to dig in.


Another specialty, the Oyster Omelette, drifts off to another level of distinctness, but I surmised it was unexpectedly a nice touch of flavor. A surfeit of other Cebuano favorites might give you a couple of minutes more of pondering what to order, but for reference, their bestsellers are what you can see above.


Third Degree Charred Cebu Grill & Resto Bar Ambiance

Dimly lit lights in an industrialized setting was an authentic glee to my eyes. The grilling station is situated on one side, and wooden tables and steel chairs populated the rest of the area. Since the location is on the second floor of a building, down below you’ll see the neighboring establishments still unopened thus far. I liked how simple their interior is – an industrial ceiling with overhead lightbulbs and pipes.


If you want to explore more of your gustatory likings, check out the Third Degree Charred Cebu.


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Third Degree Charred Cebu Restaurant Menu

Check out Third Degree Charred Cebu’s menu by clicking the picture for the full view!


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Contact + More Info

Contact: +63 32 272 7588

Location: Meerea High Street Mandaue, North Reclamation Area

Price Range: P600 for 2 persons

Opening Hours: 11 AM -10 PM (Weekdays), 11 AM – 12 MN (Weekends)

Cuisine/Type: Fusion, Grilled

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  • Food (Taste, Presentation, Varieties)
  • Service (Attentiveness, Friendliness, WiFi)
  • Ambiance (Comfort, Space, Interior)
  • Price (Value, Affordability)
The Good

Beautiful ambiance, esp at night

Unique fusion cuisine

The Bad

Service can still be improved

Not easily accessible

Mimi Gonzales


Mimi is a food and travel enthusiast who wishes to explore and experience more things in life. She blogs about food, travel, and fancy things that are noteworthy.

  1. I’ve never been back to Cebu in a very long time. It’s been almost a decade since I worked in Cebu and I enjoyed every bit of my one-year stay there. The food offered in this restaurant are all mouth-watering especially to a Filipino food lover like me. Loved the sisig! It just so happened that I’m still not in the mood to eat now but I’ll bookmark this in case I’ll be in a plane bound to Cebu anytime soon.

  2. Hi Mimi, you bet your post was as exciting as the menu laid out. Though I am avegetarian, I can vouch safe for my non-veg friends that the food must be absolutely ravishing. I am recommending this place to all my friends straight away.

  3. I like grilled food. When I was little, we usually had grilled meat or fish for lunch or dinner. 🙂 I’d love to visit this resto when my family and I visit Cebu again next time. I like their interiors, too. I wonder if those chairs would also be fit for outdoor seating.

  4. The atmosphere does look beautiful at night. This is the kind of place my meatlover boyfriend would enjoy. The pictures are really beautiful by the way, especially for low light pictures. I like the way they pop after loading.

  5. It’s always interesting to read about other countries cuisines. I never heard about any of those dishes but they do look delicious. The steak looks perfectly cooked and very juicy, just to my liking. I am intrigued by the oyster omelette, I have only had fresh oysters directly from their shell. I had no idea you can have them cooked as well.

  6. Everything looks promising and yummy! It’s been a while since I read a food post. I just regret reading it at the wee hours of the day because it makes me crave for those food! How I wish there’s a grill restobar that’s in our area that serves that menu!

  7. I love to frequent diners I find accessible. Plus the staff should be amiable. This new restaurant looks promising. I enjoy grilled food so I see myself enjoying its dishes. A fast service would greatly be appreciated, too.

  8. The food looks absolutely stunning and I love that dark atmosphere! A perfect location to spend an evening till late night with friends! However as usual, a bit sad to know that the veg options is less!

  9. This place has got a very my kind of ambience. I love dining at dimly lit restaurants. This kind of a setup really appeals a lot to me. Sometimes you know, simple is better.

    On a separate note, your food photography is amazing. The texture on the food dishes really looks very mouth-watering…

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