The day after Valentine’s Day, my friends and I were to supposed to trek on a hiking adventure but I guess the thought of it made us lethargic to even pursue it. Our trip that day took us to the Temple of Leah instead, the newest attraction here in Cebu located up in the highlands of Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. This temple marvels with a Roman architecture design that definitely depicts the intricate carvings of the ones in Rome. This place, incorporated with Roman columns, lion statues, and an aerial view of the city below, was dedicated by Teodorico Adarna to his late wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna as a sign of his undying love, hence the name of the place. Her statue was erected at the heart of this temple, where the symbol of the love of her husband, children, and grandchildren stands firm.

Temple of Leah Lion Statue - Chasing Bleu

Temple of Leah Cityscape - Chasing Bleu

The breathtaking view from up above. It was early in the morning when we went there and the sun was still beginning to go up.

The only downside upon visiting here is that it is still under construction and is expected for completion in the middle of 2015. There are photoshoots conducted in this area already regardless of the incomplete structures, though, and there’s no entrance fee  (as for now, but I doubt that this will be the case once they’re done with the finishing touches).

Aside from the structural design, the Temple of Leah is located almost at the very top of Busay, where the location offers a panoramic view of the vast city down below. I swear my heart took a leap when we went to shoot at the rooftop and the only thing occupying my mind was how I’d like to swim across the clouds.

I don’t know why I even consented to have this photo taken. Haha. It’s too funny to even look at.

There’s nothing you can really do much here but take pictures since the museum and art galleries are not open yet, and so we took the chance to parade our faces in front of the camera. It was a whole morning full of laughing and shooting. In a year’s time we’d definitely go back here after everything has been cleaned up and the construction has finished.

This triangular structure reminds me of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris. This is found on the rooftop of Temple of Leah.

These shots were created purely out of fun and for our photographer’s skill enhancement in photography. I’d say the photos turned out really well since it simply captures the beauty of this place, which definitely stands unique here in the city. All credit goes to Renz Gaquit!

How to Get to Temple of Leah

Silhouette shots of the entire group right after everything was done and we were dead tired from hours of comical posing.

To get to the Temple of Leah, you initially start at JY Square in Lahug, Cebu, then if you don’t have your own car, you can ride a motorcycle (trust me, the reason why we opted not to continue our hike was because the long journey up will just cost us more energy). We paid a fare of around P60.00 each, then on our way down we walked for a few kilometers then hailed a passing jeepney because our feet couldn’t take a step any further. Haha.

So, what do you think of this place? It was worth visiting for me! I’m pretty sure this will attract more Cebuanos and foreigners alike once the word (and pictures!) gets out, as this one definitely left me in awe. 🙂

    1. From the Taoist Temple, you ride a jeep to JY Square, Lahug. From there you ask the motorcyclist to take you to Temple of Leah, unless you have a car (fare is Php70 per person). If you have then you can follow the route by Google Map because the temple is almost at the very top of Busay.

    1. Indeed, there are lots of coffee shops around every corner here in Cebu. I recently posted here about a new cafe we discovered few days back. I wish I could take you to one of these places one day! 🙂

    1. Really? I think this place is gaining much more attention now. I think it’s also because Teodorico’s granddaughter is the famous celebrity, Ellen Adarna, which would explain why. 🙂 And awww thank you, Ate Hazel! <3

  1. I’ve been lusting over this place ever since I saw it as a “photo shoot location” in one of the newspapers I’ve read. I’m sure this will be a museum to behold once it’s completed. It’s already magical all on its own even under construction! I am a huge sucker for museums so this is one for the books. Yay for nerds! How exactly do you get there assuming we bring a car? Is there any landmark? I’d love to bring my mom here.

    1. It is indeed appropriate for any photo shoot! Mostly people went there to take pictures of the picturesque view and the beautiful architecture. Actually, you just go to Busay (you can specifically ask for directions, but naa siya sa eskina unahan sa JY Square) and the trip up is actually just straight into the top until you can see the temple standing. 🙂

  2. Yeeey! Indeed it was a nice place to visit though wala pa siya nahuman. What more if it’ll be finish..
    Surely, I”ll visit again..

    Glad to find a fellow cebuana blogger here! I wanted to follow you in gfc and bloglovin but couldn’t find the widget. But anyways, I followed you on imotiv. Hope to keep in touch with you 🙂

    Almera |

    1. Thank you, Almera! I am happy to find some Cebuano bloggers here as well, including you! I actually landed to your page when I found out we posted similar thing. I hope to keep in touch with you, too, so I followed you on twitter and bloglovin’. 😉 Thanks for dropping by! <3

  3. Must-visit place gyud ni nako! Until now wa pagyud koy time ba! Paghandaan nagyud nako ang pag adto nako! Haha. Anyway, what day mo nangari? I was curious about which days nga mingaw didto for photo ops. HAHAHA

    Lime & Life

    1. Hahaha you should definitely visit it there, ate Ella! It’s a must!!! 😀 We went there on a Sunday man, but actually even on that day daghan gihapon tao taking pictures. If you really want nga mingaw, go there earlier in the morning like we did. Haha 7AM we were there already and there are around 2-3 groups present when we arrived. I think daghan jud na’g mangadto, but better see it now before naa na jud syay fee. Hahaha

  4. I’ve been to Cebu before, but I didn’t know such place exist! Now, I have a reason to convince my boyfriend to go with me next time! This place looks lovely! 🙂

    Also, great project! I wish I could do the same with Metro Manila but ack, the traffic!

    1. You should definitely come once the construction is complete, ate Kisty! It’s so beautiful and serene there. I hope I get to “bump” into you in one of your trips here, too. Hahaha. 🙂 Also, thank you! Your blog has been my constant source of travel inspirations, so I guess you really won’t be needing a project like this since you’re already out there traveling the world. 🙂

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