Seafood Island Cebu is one of the top favorite dining destinations if you’re looking for some freshly-cooked seafood and enjoyable boodle fights. Being on an island surrounded by the sea while still living in a metro kind of lifestyle, I’d been exposed to various seafood preparations that we Cebuanos take pride in. Ever heard of SuTuKil? At Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Cebu restaurant, we got to try the culinary specialties of the different regions across the country. Let’s learn more about what they offer below:

Seafood Island SM Seaside Boodle Fight Menu

I’m no stranger when it comes to boodle fights. During my high school military experience, my fellow cadets would whip out a boodle fight lunch by preparing some banana leaves, different assortments of viands, and a kilo of cooked rice. Then, we proceed into gobbling all the food with our bare hands – ending in a much-satisfied meal.

Seafood Island Cebu Pancit Espesyal - Chasing Bleu

As part of the Seafood Island menu, the restaurant’s boodle fight style of dining is one of their unique points for they re-invented this kind of dining experience most known to the ordinary Filipino folks.

For a one of a kind feast, it’s best to eat together with your family and friends! Seafood Island tries to emanate the ‘family-centered’ and ‘camaraderie’ vibes, so diners get to bond even more with their family members or friends.

There is a broad range of choices for Seafood Island Boodle Feasts. On our visit, we got to try their Camotes Island and Mt. Apo boodle feasts, both of which have different sets of culinary delights that specifically highlight the regional specialties. If you’re up for some mouthwatering gastronomic adventure, then their boodle feasts are a must-try!

Camotes Island Boodle Feast

This set features just enough combination of meat and seafood. It consists of grilled shrimps, grilled scallops, linarang, grilled squid, crispy crablets, ginataang saang, liempo chips, pork BBQ, anduhaw, crispy dulang and salted egg, and garlic rice – most of which are a delight to my palate due to being former favorites. Easy to say, this boodle set was my favorite of the two we tried that day.

Seafood Island Cebu SM Seaside Camotes Island Boodle Fight - Chasing Bleu
Camotes Island Boodle Feast Set

The Camotes Island Boodle Feast is a fusion of the foods favored and sought for locally, which is, by extension, an in-depth exposure to their culture and culinary specialties. It’s like eating communal dishes with the locals, and nothing gets better than that when you eat it bare-handed/with no utensils used!

It’s best shared with up to 5-7 people with a Seafood Island price of only P1, 598.

Mt. Apo Boodle Feast

Another set that distinguishes itself among their list of boodle sets is the Mt. Apo boodle. This one consists of chicken binakol, fried crabs, grilled liempo, inihaw na manok sa gato, utan bisaya, grilled squid, fish of the day, kinilaw na tanguigue, grilled shrimps, balbacua, ensaladang lato with crispy dilis, and salted fish rice.

Seafood Island Cebu Mt. Apo Boodle - Chasing Bleu

This set is an attractive option for its inclusion of fresh seafood and grilled foods. The viands very much resemble the foods that we commonly eat at the province – a fresh catch of seafood like fish, crabs, and shrimps. Given the selections here, this type of meal would most likely delight folks who lavish the home-cooked specialties from the province.

Seafood Island Menu: Ala Carte Selections

If you want to try a variety of Seafood Island’s dishes, you may also take a pick from their ala carte selections. It was hard to discern which one I liked best because each dish has a unique character. Everything was indeed worth a try!

Jumbo Bagnet

This one is an irresistible piece of meat down to the last bite! The thing I loved about this is that it wasn’t too salty and too bland, neither. It has the right texture and its taste wasn’t overwhelming.

Seafood Island Cebu SM Seaside Bagnet - Chasing Bleu
Jumbo Bagnet

Contrary to most bagnets that almost have an overpowering amount of oil when eaten, this one didn’t have that at all. It made me believe that oil got sucked out of it before served, or whatever it was – I found this an excellent choice especially when you love meat like I do!

Crab House

What’s a seafood fiesta without crabs? They are the majestic center and a stunning highlight of our dinner! Their Crab Ginataan has a lovely taste of juicy crab meat. The owner said that they try their best to always get a fresh catch – and it’s quite evident with the quality of what they serve.

Seafood Island Cebu Crab Maritess - Chasing Bleu
Crab Maritess
Seafood Island SM Seaside Cebu Crab Ginataan - Chasing Bleu
Crab Ginataan

They also have one that is drizzled with garlic – the Crab Maritess. It has a tender meat and is even made more flavorful because of the blended spices. Aside from the two, they have a wide variety to choose from like Deep Fried, Salt & Pepper, Butter Ginger, Black Pepper, Thai Chili, and more.

Pancit sa Balsa

For a varied option that still consists of seafood and meat, they also have pancit specialties you shouldn’t miss! Their Pancit Espesyal con Bagnet is one of my favorites. The pancit is mixed well together with the meat and shrimps as well as with other spices. It was a flavorful combination and perfect for those who want to have a taste of the traditional pancit during salu-salo occasions at Seafood Island’s dining table.

Seafood Island Cebu Pancit Espesyal - Chasing Bleu
Pancit Espesyal con Bagnet
Seafood Island Cebu Seafood Pancit - Chasing Bleu
Seafood Pancit

You may also try the Seafood Pancit for a different texture of food. It’s like my favorite homemade bihon;  don’t you just love it when you eat food similar to what you are used to?

Oysters and Shellfish

I think I just tasted one of the best scallop dishes here in Cebu with their Scallops in Cream Sauce. The meat in their scallops are really soft and gives just the right flavor. It’s also slathered with cheese and creamy sauce, which makes it even more heavenly! They have a distinct dish here that would make you crave for it every time.

Seafood Island Cebu SM Seaside Cheesy Scallops - Chasing Bleu
Scallops in Cream Sauce

May Sabaw / Soup

The Pocherong Tagalog was simply a stunning twist of the usual pochero here in Cebu, but with a longganisa at the top! Surprisingly, it wasn’t odd at all; instead, it complemented the salty taste of the soup and meat.

Seafood Island Cebu Pocherong Tagalog - Chasing Bleu
Pocherong Tagalog

They have other soups available like Mix Seafood Sinigang, Sinigang na Baboy, and Balbacua.

Island Pica-Pica

If you prefer to munch on some of the island’s best, they also have the Crispy Liempo Chips and Crispy Crablets. These viands are already included in the boodle feasts above, but you may also have them in ala carte. Both are definitely a must-try!

Seafood Island Cebu Liempo Chips - Chasing Bleu
Liempo Chips
Seafood Island SM Seaside Cebu Shrimps - Chasing Bleu
Crispy Shrimp

Other selections are Crispy Shrimp, Calamares Fritos, Sinuglaw, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Chicharon Bulaklak among others.

Tuna Panga

Their panga dish was worth mentioning because you’ll be surprised as to why you can’t distinguish its fish smell! Its seasoning is well-blended and the taste is certainly superb.

Seafood Island SM Seaside Cebu Tuna Panga - Chasing Bleu
Tuna Panga

Seafood Island Cebu: Desserts

Of course, the dessert will not be forgotten. I have a knack for post-meal desserts, and Seafood Island Cebu has some of the irresistible Pinoy favorites!

Seafood Island Cebu SM Seaside Bananarama - Chasing Bleu

Their Bananarama is the holy grail of all desserts. It’s a sweet, crunchy balls of peanut butter goodness topped with vanilla ice cream, syrup, and cornflakes with bananas on its bottom layer. Imagining the dessert itself made me drool, and that’s because it has a different take to the usual ones that I order.

If you’d still like to taste the classics, they still have the usual Halo-Halo sa Buko, Mango Float, Black Sambo, Sorbetes, Buko Pandan, and Leche Flan. (I wasn’t able to try them, but it’s worth mentioning in this Seafood Island Cebu review!).

Seafood Island SM Seaside Cebu Entrance - Chasing Bleu

The Seafood Island SM Seaside Cebu is their third branch here in the city. They also have the Seafood Island Ayala Cebu branch and the Seafood Island Mabolo branch near Rainforest Park.

Seafood Island Cebu Interior Design - Chasing Bleu

Seafood Island Cebu Interior - Chasing Bleu

The Seafood Island Cebu contact numbers for different branches are listed below for your reference. Let me know what you think! Are you planning to spend an occasion here?

Seafood Island Cebu – Ayala Branch
SM Seaside City Cebu, Cebu South Coastal Rd,
Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
+ 63 9778110933

Seafood Island Cebu – Ayala Branch
Fourth Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu
(032) 410-6399

Seafood Island Cebu – Kasambagan
Rainforest Park, F. Cabahug Street,
Panagdait, Kasambagan, Cebu
(032) 260-7058

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  1. It’s been a while since the last time I dine in at Seafood Island Cebu with their delectable Boddle fight food. I really like how they come up with this concept, from their food and how they would able to manage the food arrangement. It looks tempting. Anyway, this is such a well written food review.

  2. I love Seafood Islands! It’s one of my favorite restaurants, because you get your money’s worth! Haha
    I’ve tried Tali Beach and Mt. Apo before, if I’m not mistaken. I just hope they’ll add more rice, because my family had to order a lot of extra rice! Haha

  3. I haven’t tried in Seafood Island yet because we don’t have it here in Pampanga. If only I would be there, I’m pretty sure that I will be there the whole day. Seafood is my weakness. My favorite food in the entire world! Crabs, shrimps, mussels. Everything about seafood.

  4. I’m allergic to shrimp and crabs, but Seafood Island is one of our fave restos ever! That’s what antihistamine is for anyway. 😛 I love that they have so many things to offer on their menu and I love the boodle fight, something about eating with your hands, which we always do when we get the boodle type meals, make eating more fun. 😛

  5. Your blog post is just in time. I am set to fly to Cebu a few months from now for my friend’s wedding, I’m adding this to my “to try” list. Photos of the food you have in here look fantastic. Drooling, even! Keep it up 🙂

  6. Ooooh you make me drool. Too bad I cannot eat at Seafood Island. Much that I want to. I am badly allergic to shellfish and the mere smell of it makes me sick ☹️

  7. Oh wow, you just made me extremely hungry and craving for seafood and it’s already 1 am haha.. I love seafoods and you can really never go wrong with them.. although I am not into shelled ones unless they are already taken out of their shells (tinatamad ako magbalat LOL).. too bad this is too far from my place but I hope they will establish a branch here in Luzon too

  8. The food looks amazing, I wish I had eaten before reading your post. That “hanged” fish looks very tasty. It’s great when you live in a place where sea food is easy to get and not as expensive as in countries that are not close to the sea.

  9. Oh yeah, I remember eating here in Seafood Island but it was in Subic. It was last April. I think we ordered their Mt. Apo Boodle Feast. I was shocked because there were so many foods. I guess the food was ok because I did not remember loving or hating it. Although I was amazed at how the food was presented.

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