Room for Dessert is just a stone’s throw away from Casa Verde, so you could definitely guess where our next food destination was right after our heavy meal. Personally, I’m the type who considers a meal incomplete without ensuing a much-needed dessert. Even if it’s just a pudding or a bite of chocolate, I always appreciate having something sweet to munch on. There we had some blended drinks, cakes, and soft serve ice creams with melt-in-your-mouth fairy floss, among the many kinds of post-meal delights and snacks that they offer.

As they say: There is always room for dessert. Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach; dessert goes to the heart.

Room for Dessert cakes slices

My self-entitled addiction to desserts somehow leads me to consume more than the 1,500 calorie restriction I’d imposed to myself in the name of diet. That’s because sweets are heavenly – they are sinful and tempting. Room for Dessert has plenty of delectable selections that will surely call you out coyly, with nothing sort of a subtle seduction.

cakes for sale in Room for Dessert

Every time I watch the counter dispatch some of its luscious creations, my stomach aches for it. Sweet. Rich. That creamy texture that I’d want to take it in on my mouth directly. Ahh, yes.

Room for Dessert: Cakes & Beverages

Cakes are such a treat to have, especially when it comes in the form of indulgence. I’ve been known to many to express great fascination for cheesecakes, so I went looking for them at Room for Dessert. I had the Lemon Curd Cheesecake, which made a sweet imprint with its flavorful hint of lemon frenzy at every bite.

Room for Dessert Lemon Custard Cake
Red Velvet Cake

A notable delectable dessert that I just have complete attachment to is their Red Velvet cake. The cream on the top and its layers just melts right in your mouth. Contrary to most red velvet I’d tasted, this one has the right consistency of sweetness and balanced with enough creaminess. I’d order this one again in a heartbeat.

Room for Dessert Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu Cake

The Tiramisu was the perfect blend of cocoa flavor enriched with the cream cheese mousse. I’d say this option tied with the red velvet, but I couldn’t discern very well which of the two made more impact, so it probably should be a tie.

Room for Dessert Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake

For an even more enjoyable choice, try their Rainbow cake. Amazingly enough, this one wasn’t overwhelming to the taste at all.

Room for Dessert also offers beverages to go along with your sweet treats. They have smoothies, ice blended coffees, and teas in wide varieties. For a much more affordable price, their coffees and other beverages actually taste similar, if not better, compared to high-end coffee shops around the metro.

Room for Dessert tea

Room for Dessert Mango Shake
Mango Shake

If you’re famished and want to fill in your stomach with sandwiches, they have a variety ranging from Tuna Salad, Roast Beef, Turkey, Egg Salad, and many more.

Room for Dessert: Soft-served Ice Cream & Fairy Floss

One of the things they uniquely offer are their soft-served ice creams with various types of toppings and fairy floss cotton candies. Each serving is priced at P59 (cones) and P69 (cups), together with a combination of toppings and fairy floss of your preference.

Room for Dessert Fairy Floss Chocolates Ting's
Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate in blue fairy floss
Room for Dessert Ice Cream Fairy Floss
Mason’s Bear Jelly

Among their favorite toppings are the gummy bears, Kit Kat, M&Ms, and other chocolates, cereals, candies, and cookies. Mix in a maximum of two toppings on the soft-serve ice cream altogether with any fairy floss color, and have it in one mouthful! Yum!

Room for Dessert Fairy Floss
Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate in white fairy floss
Fairy at Floss Room for Dessert
K Pop C’s

Of course, being an extremely obsessed chocolate lover, my favorite has to be Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate. This vanilla ice cream combo comprises of chocolate toppings such as M&M and Kit Kat bars as well as a fairy floss drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Ambiance & Location

Room for Dessert is located in the Sky Park of SM Seaside City Cebu, the newest and one of the biggest operating SM branches here in Cebu set to surpass SM Mall of Asia. Its outdoor extension serves as a park located on the highest level of the mall, so you can get a scenic view of the city, mountains, and sea from above.

SM Seaside City Cebu Room for Dessert

SM Seaside City Room for Dessert

This dessert place is enclosed by transparent glass walls, making the Sky Park surroundings and the golden sunset on late afternoons even more visible.

SM Seaside City Cebu sunset

SM Seaside City Sky Park

Their interior is chic in mostly black and white, which has a comfortable and laid-back ambiance. It’s not as dark as most cafes are because of its see-through glass walls, and the sunshine makes up for its black and white interior.

The details are even fancier and creative with its mason jars, tea pots, scribbled black boards, and industrial lamps overhead.

Room for Dessert lovely counter

Room for Dessert Interior Design

A couch is placed in the middle spacious enough for an entire group of friends. Tables and chairs are dispersed on one side, each good for up to four people. Overall, approximately 30 people can populate the area given all accommodations.

Room for Dessert dessert place Cebu

SM Seaside City Cebu Room for Dessert

If you happen to drop by at SM Seaside City Cebu’s Sky Park for an afternoon of lounging around or just to chill, then I definitely recommend Room for Dessert. For me, it’s a perfect place to get some work done because the breeze is really refreshing, and almost all their foods are my favorite! 🙂

Room for Dessert
3rd Level, Sky Park, SM Seaside City
(032) 5135655
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  1. I have not been to SM Cebu Seaside. I will definitely bring my family here next time we are in Cebu. I always have room for dessert, too. 😉 That rainbow cake was calling out to me! hahaha I would most likely pair it with a fruit shake/smoothie.

  2. I’ve been to Cebu and I missed this! I will make sure to visit it when I go back. I thought Room for Dessert only offers ice cream in a cotton candy. I didn’t know they have cakes and smoothies too. Their cakes looks so appetizing! I hope they open a branch here in Manila. I’ll be the first customer!

  3. Oh WOW! Just started getting cravings while reading your post and looking at your photos! My friends and I will be in Cebu next year June 😀 We’re so excited and I’ll definitely have to check this place out 😀

  4. Oh I wish I’m in Cebu right now. Thos desserts look so delicious. Although, I am trying to control my sugar intake because I am pregnant.

  5. Mimi, you have put a lot of heart and soul in this blog post. Your post is as tasty as the dessert. By the way, which camera did you use while taking thse pictures?

  6. It’s really hard to watch calorie intake and maintain a summer body form, especially if a sweet tooth. The Lemon Curd Cheesecake looks really yummy. I will definitely add Cebu to my itinerary when I visit the Philippines in a couple of years.
    – Tricia Willa | Eccentric Earthling

  7. Now I’m craving for desserts……I have a sweet tooth so I really enjoy eating anything sweet. I hope there’s Room for Dessert here in Cavite! Cebu has soooo much to offer!

  8. your pictures are so cool. making me crave for the cakes! haha. and compared to coffee shops that offer cakes, these cakes are really affordable. i just hope that they are delish. looks also a good place to bond with your friends because the interiors are kinda cozy.

  9. I love desserts! My mom can’t control me when it comes to desserts. I am craving for tiramisu cake and ting’s heavenly chocolate right after reading this.Too bad I live in Manila and I can’t get to taste those desserts. Nothing beats a shop with scenic view partnered with delicious desserts. One of the best!

  10. Ohhhh My! Sweet Tooth Fairy Mode On, I am an avid fan of any kind of sweets especially cakes. Will absolutely try those when I came back in Cebu. That makes me crave right now, the photo’s are really good 🙂 looks very inviting

  11. I think this place is not just a room for dessert but Paradise! My G. Mimi I should be here now hahaha. I hope Cebu is near in Manila. The place which looks so awesome is just a bonus. But the food on the photos are grabe heaven! Would love to try the tiramisu and the soft ice cream! Love it 🙂

  12. Those photos are droolworthy! The colors on the Rainbow Cake are stunning. It’s hard to believe it tastes good too! I believe that what you call fairy floss is what we Americans call cotton candy, but I’ve never tried it with ice cream. I’d love to go here!

  13. Seeing those delectable slices makes me want to eat them all as well, never mind the calorie count. i could always jog and make amends after. Ehehe.

  14. First off, I love how you edit the featured photos of your food posts! Ang cute na may same look sila. <3 Your description of the red velvet cake made my mouth water. Ugh, now I'm craving for desserts.

  15. OMG!!!! #sorrytonsils again wahahaha Another go-to place added on my list when I come to Cebu. Sayang talaga di namin yan naabutan, nung nagpunta kami under construction pa kasi yung seaside haha

    I want to try the ice cream with fairy floss!!!! But I’m sure I won’t even get to finish it haha

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