My weekend last week was pretty much eventful because of the Pop District Bazaar here in Cebu. It is the much-awaited event where fashion, food, and lifestyle come together in one huge bazaar! The highlight of the event for me must have been being able to finally meet one of my blogging inspirations, Camie Juan! There were some other cool bloggers there as well like David Guison, Ida Anduyan, Arisse de Santos, Rhea Bue, Cha Ocampo, and Lance de Ocampo. What an experience and I surely can’t believe I’d fangirl-ed this much in my life!

Pop District Bazaar CebuAside from the bazaar being graced by big media personalities, it also opened up opportunities for local startups and brands to sell their crafts and be exposed to the community. I initially decided to just do window shopping, but I couldn’t resist! I got myself a few set of clothes and crafty items as well. 😉

The two-day bazaar was filled with events like the meet and greet with the bloggers mentioned above, plenty of raffles and prizes (I won on both days! Woohoo!), shopping, food ventures, and getting to know a few more local bloggers. So here’s what went through during the entire 2 days! Enjoy!

Day One: Excitement Overload

Day 1 was definitely exciting and everyone was extremely hyped to meet the bloggers. I know most of the people there were present to shop and enjoy the local foods available, but we bloggers were anticipating most for their arrival so we could get our #fangirlingmode on!

Before that, we had a little snack at 10 Dove Street Confectionery to fuel us up amidst the excitement. We ordered the KitKat Trifle while Kerr ordered the Banoffee Pie and Renz went for the Chocolate Decadence.

10 Dove Street Confectionery cakes

10 Dove Street Confectionery Cebu
10 Dove Street Confectionery

Bloggers Meet & Greet

Finally, we were gathered altogether as I met up with Ate Alyssa, Ella, Katherine, and Lou on the bazaar before the meet and greet started. We took a bunch of group photos which were, hilariously, taken by each of our boyfriend (supportive, right?).

Pop District Bazaar
Pop District Bazaar Cebu Bloggers
Coincidentally, my blogger friends and I wore a white piece of clothing as we decided to step up our OOTD just for that day. (Coincidentally as well, Camie, my long-time girl crush, wore white as well! *giggles*)

For me, it was unexpectedly a dream come true to have finally met the blogger who really pushed me virtually to pursue blogging back in 2014. I’d say unexpected because it didn’t really settle in my mind that I’d be meeting Camie here in freaking Cebu until the morning of the event. I’m also a fan of David Guison and Ida Anduya, but I wasn’t able to take photos with them! Or, let’s say, I was only able to take photos with Camie. Haha!

Camie JuanI’m sorry I’m so haggard, but Camie is even more stunning in real life!

We're here til two! See you guys at @popdistrictbazaar at Oakridge Pavillion???? #Cebu #PopDistrictBazaar

A photo posted by Camie Juan (@camiejuan) on

The awesome bloggers we met at Pop District Bazaar!

The bloggers were really nice and meeting them up close was such a memorable experience. Pop District Bazaar’s organizers are indeed awesome for bringing them here and making this huge event truly a success!

*** I have yet to add the other photos in my friends’ cameras. I’ll update soon! 

Pop District Bazaar Stalls: Food, Fashion & Lifestyle Items

Here are some shots taken while my boyfriend and I were strolling around to discover some great finds. A lot of them were really tempting to buy, but I’m saving up money for the end of semester’s tuition so I had to resist myself.

Pop District Bazaar Cebu
Pop District Bazaar 2015
Pop District Bazaar 2015
Pop District Bazaar Cebu
Pop District Bazaar 2015
Pop District Bazaar Cebu
Pop District Bazaar Cebu
Pop District Bazaar 2015Thanks to my awesome boyfriend/photographer/supporter! I appreciate his presence always when I’m covering blog-related events. <3 

Day Two: Chillin’

On the 2nd day, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet the bloggers in time. They had a flight to catch up on so I missed them a couple of minutes late. I was sort of a loner wandering around the stalls, but the venue has quieted down for a bit. It was still busy though with lots of people still on shopping mode, but it wasn’t as crowded as yesterday.

Pop District Bazaar OakridgeI ended my day getting a Java Chip Frappuccino at Starbucks (for the first time lol) and I incidentally met Kuya Sinjin of and Atty. Ethelbert of from Cebu Bloggers’ Society. We talked about a couple of things until we finished our drinks, and I guess I wasn’t a loner after all! 🙂


To wrap things up, Pop District Bazaar was indeed a blast! It’s just that all of the things were in one place altogether that I couldn’t comprehend its awesomeness. Now I’m looking forward to the next event!

Some of the photos were taken by my most supportive and still practicing (yet an awesome shooter) boyfriend. <3

  1. I saw some photos taken in pop district bazaar from the bloggers I follow on instagram. I like going to bazaars because of all the unique items I can buy, plus the idea of course of meeting some of the celebs and bloggers who’ll come too.

    That looks like a fun-filled bazaar!

  2. Waah nice kaayo kag shots mi! Nagdraft pa ko sa akoa. Haha. Puros blurry. Pero sige lang basta naa mi selfie ni Camie xD Sorry wala na tika nahuwat pag second day, Mi! But I’m glad you met with your co-members sa CBS! 🙂

  3. Ahhh nindota gyud sa pics Mimi oi! Until now galibog pagyud ko if I should get the X-A2 or mupatuo ko sa akong uyab nga mag DSLR gyud. Haha. Anyway, so glad to see you again pero kadiyot ra kaau ta nagkakuyog! Nikalit ra gyud kag kawagtang ba! Haha

    1. Haha I think, if you really have the budget, go for DSLR! It has an equally great quality, but mas nice sya kay you can choose your lens. The X-A2, so far, akong nahibaw-an is duha lang ka lens. If you want a cheaper alternative, X-A1 is okay pud! It’s the same ra man with X-A2 but without the selfie screen lang ba. 😀

  4. So happy for you, Mimi. I know you’ve been really looking forward ana na adlaw magkita mo ni Camie. Strikethrough na ni sa list <3 Happy for us diay kay alam na mga fangirls. Haha Pero nasuya ko wa ko sa photo hehe Nindot kaayo ang photos, Mi. By the way, where is 10 Dove Street located? I wanna go alone lol

    1. Di lang ako, Lou. Tayo <3 Hahaha. You can't imagine daghan kaayo kog bati nga photos ana Lou oyy hahaha I had to crop them out man sad. Most of the pictures nga tarong jud kay si Marnel ang nagkuha hahaha #fail kaayo ko. 10 Dove Street is dapit sa katong naay dako nga ground near Rustan's bitaw? Maagian ra nimo sya on the way sa venue sa Pop District 😀

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