Marriott Hotel Cebu Breakfast Buffet: Healthy Mornings at Marriott Garden Café Cebu

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Who doesn’t love a big, hearty breakfast? Getting enough nutrients from the most important meal of the day will give you the right metabolism and energy to kickstart your tasks. Aside from planning my activities and a large cup of coffee, I find it essential to start my day right with a nutritious plate of my breakfast favorites. Bacon and eggs. A slice of bread with cheese dip.

But, how about a breakfast buffet haven filled with all the delectable (plus, healthy!) choices? I tell you, nothing does this kind of spread better than Cebu City Marriott Hotel’s Garden Café. The Marriot Hotel Cebu Breakfast Buffet will make you feel like starting your mornings always right.

The Marriot Hotel Cebu Breakfast Buffet will make you feel like starting your mornings always right. 

Marriott Hotel Cebu Breakfast Buffet Review - Chasing Bleu

Cereals and Oats Station

Mix up some granola, muesli, cornflakes, and all kinds of grains that you prefer, then throw down any milk (fresh milk, skim milk, chocolate milk, or soya milk) of your choice, and voila – a simple yet nutritious-packed cereal meal! They have a wide variety to choose from, and you wouldn’t just run out of creative ways on how to mix them up!

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Cereal Station - Chasing Bleu

Fresh Fruit Juices, Milks, and Yoghurts

At the Marriot Garden Café Cebu, everything is fresh and worth savoring. They have a fantastic range of delicious drinks to quench your thirst, or a hot beverage to pair with your croissant. I had their hot cocoa first, then followed by a glass of fresh milk.

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A beautiful blend of fresh fruit juices in a variety of flavors are available, too. Yogurts come in strawberry, plain, or blueberry flavors. You can easily request their servers for anything that you feel like having, and they’ll give their best to serve what’s available.

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Fruit Baskets - Chasing BleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Fresh Fruit Juice - Chasing Bleu

Cold Cuts and Cheese

To pair up with their freshly-baked loaves of bread, they have a couple of thin, flat slices of cold cuts and cheese as well.

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Cold Cuts - Chasing BleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Fresh Bread - Chasing Bleu

Homemade Dimsum & Noodle Station

It’s not exactly a breakfast staple, but who could ever resist some dim sum? You can toss in some pork spare ribs with your rice, and of course, siomai! There is also quite a selection in their Noodles station, if you feel like having something steaming hot.

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Homemade Dimsum - Chasing BleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Lechon Manok - Chasing BleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Noodles - Chasing Bleu

Curry Station

I had a taste of their curry which was specially made by one of their chefs! As usual, if you’re feeling unsure on how to do the mix, you can always ask their kitchen associates to do it for you. My friend Nico asked how spicy I’d like my curry, and I said the spiciest they could get me! I never had regret and delight rolled into one all of my life. Regret, because I thought my hyperacidity wouldn’t act up – but nonetheless it was delightful because the curry was a. frickin’. bomb.

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Curry Station - Chasing BleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Spicy Curry - Chasing Bleu

Filipino Comfort Foods

The Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet was so on point with their selections of Filipino food staples. Every day, I see these foods laid on our table during breakfast, and that’s why this one just hits close to home. They have the tocino, soft boiled eggs, chicken sausage, danggit, chorizo, and bacon. It’s no wonder how it’s so easy to fill yourself up with these!

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Filipino Breakfast - Chasing BleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Filipino Comfort Foods - Chasing Bleumarriott-cebu-breakfast-buffet-benedict-eggs-chasing-bleuMarriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Fruits - Chasing Bleu

Marriott’s Service with Dedication

Perhaps, what made our meal even more enjoyable and satisfying is how their staff clearly established the line between merely handing out our orders and serving with superb dedication. And no, I’m not paid to say this.

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Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Dining Setup - Chasing Bleu

I wish all restaurants, regardless of status and ratings, would learn from Marriott. Everyone there – the servers, chefs, receptionists, and even the guards – are naturally attentive to every person sitting on the tables. That’s the kind of service that reels customers back again.

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Tables - Chasing Bleu

Marriott Hotel Cebu Breakfast Buffet Price

Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet Review - Chasing Bleu

The Marriott Cebu Breakfast Buffet rate is only at P850 per person, available daily from 6 AM to 10:30 AM at Marriott Garden Café Cebu. Garden Cafe - Marriott Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Contact + More Info

Contact: +63 32 411 5800

Location: Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City (near Ayala Center Cebu)

Price Range: P850/person

Opening Hours: 6 AM – 10:30 AM

Cuisine/Type: International Buffet

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  1. I’ve tried Marriot’s buffet in Manila. It was DELICIOUS. I’m sure their breakfast would be just as impeccable. Would love to go to Cebu and try it.

  2. Marriot’s breakfast buffet looks scrumptious! That’s definitely a lot of food for the first meal of the day, though. Haha. I haven’t tried Marriot’s buffet before. We have Marriot hotel here in Metro Manila as well and I wonder if they offer the same buffet as Cebu. P850 a pax is considered cheap for a hotel buffet. I’m sure the price of the breakfast buffet here in Metro Manila would differ with the price in Marriot Cebu. Hopefully not.

  3. I love having breakfast at a hotel. When I visit a comic con, often I stay in a hotel for 1 night. And nothing’s better than start a convention after having had an awesome breakfast in your hotel. The cereal station is great. At home, I always eat cereal. And cheese.. I’m a big cheeses fan. This really looks like the best breakfast!

  4. Wowwwww. I wish I could just be there right now. The food looks yummmmmm and place is just exquisite. I am sure that you must have had great time.

  5. Wow! That was an extensive offer of scrumptious food. It makes me drool at this very hour. I miss cebu! And talking about Marriot, well, expect luxury food from the name itself.. but as for me, as long as i have fruits and desserts im totally okey!

  6. Marriot Hotel has it all! I tried their breakfast here when I was in Cebu too, and it is fancy,yet, so healthy and really yummy! I even got all confused what should I be getting as there are a lot to choose from.

  7. Uhm. All I can say is WOW. I have never seen a breakfast buffet as packed and as mouth watering as that! I will definitely look into it as I am planning to visit Cebu soon. I must say though that 850php is quite expensive for a breakfast buffet(at least for me!).

  8. As it looks, there’s a wide range of choices to satisfy our hunger. Fresh fruit juices and oats are the healthier option. But a veggie filled noodles is another option too. But of course, healthy or not, the chorizos of Cebu is too good to be ignored specially for non Cebuano visitor like me.

  9. I am not a big breakfast person, you see. But I might just consider Marriot’s breakfast buffet now. I have been to so many hotels and never had one favorite hotel for breakfast buffets up to this day. Who knows it might be Marriott?

  10. Your post reminds me of my past job in the hotel, not in the F&B Department, though. Marriott is really a good hotel. I have read a lot of reviews. I have been there twice for some seminar and meetings. I need to save up for this buffet breakfast. I’m sure it will be worth it!

  11. If I show this to my boyfriend he will think it’s heaven. There’s food everywhere and everything looks so delicious. But on top of that, the place is really fancy. I also love the way they displayed the food with this original style of decoration, it’s really great. But according to the score you gave, it looks as good as on the pictures

  12. The food looks great! The pictures are so fab, the presentation was really nice. It’s really appetizing. It makes me want to have breakfast at midnight. I also love that you rated the service a 10. I would most likely go back to a restaurant or hotel if the customer service is good. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope I get to stay at this hotel when I visit Cebu.

  13. This beakfast buffet is every foodies dream. Dim Sum for brekkie ? YES PLEASE.

    I love how the menu includes traditional dishes. Normally I rarely eat breakfast due to my crazy work hours but when I travel I love eating breakfast especially sampling local traditional dishes.

    Everything is so beautifully presented and it is true what they say ” We eat with our eyes”

  14. Oh my, I want this breakfast buffet in my house- Every morning! 🙂 I’m a health and nutrition nerd so I appreciate these kind of buffets with lots of fruit and fresh food. You can’t put a price on health and a great start of the day. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love your photos. I think I would get hyperacidity when I eat curry. I have never been to Cebu but I will keep this in mind. I also like that you mentioned about the staff being attentive.

  16. That’s the thing with buffets. How healthy it is or not is subjective and for many people, the tendency to overeat is so great that even with the choices of healthy foods such as salads, fruits, oats, there is more food such as processed food that is unhealthy. Now here is the great thing. It is impossible for anyone to eat a truly healthy and balanced meal nowadays. If people eating in buffets would stop thinking about maximizing, then choosing the better foods can be done. Choosing shouldn’t be a problem when it is Marriott which offers really good and well-prepared dishes.

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