Over a month ago, we visited the Design Center of Cebu Showroom and I made a blog post about its beautiful home furnishings here. What more made our tour ecstatic was trying out some authentic Italian foods at the Tavolata Cebu by The Abaca Group, which is a restaurant  conjoined among the houses of furniture. It was our last trip on a sunny noon, and everyone was very eager to start lunch after a few hours of walking and taking pictures. Here are 10 must-try Italian foods you should order on your visit there:

Tavolata’s Bestsellers + Offerings

01 | Country Bread

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

The country bread is grilled and it is best paired with balsamic vinegar (my favorite!), olive oil, and roasted garlic.  (P195)

02 | Chopped Salad

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

It’s a mix of vegetables, some bits of meat, cheese, and topped with a special dressing.

03 | Prosciutto di Parma

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

This homemade pizza is handcrafted with special ingredients like the Arugula, Parmesan, and Tomatoes. Best when served hot and paired with a hot sauce. (P465)

04 | Formaggi Bianche

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

Next to Prosciutto di Parma, we tried this pizza and it became an instant favorite for its special ingredients: the Asiago, Pancetta, Potato, and Pepper. (P430)

05 | Linguine and Clams

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

As the name suggests, it’s linguine with clams mixed in a flavorful garlic butter and finished with parsley toppings. (P430)

06 | Pappardelle

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

This pasta is filled with veal and smothered in ragu sauce. Definitely tastes exquisite, too!  (P595)

07 | Chicken Parmesan

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

This one was served last among the main dishes and we were all so full we had to do a takeout.  Too unfortunate though that I didn’t get to taste it. It’s actually a breaded chicken cutlet completely roasted and smothered in homemade sauce and melted mozzarella. (P895)

08 | Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

Now we’re on to the first wave of dessert! I was mostly intrigued by this sweet delicacy, and it was also one of my instant favorites. (P195)

09 | Budino di Cioccolato

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

Next to my favorites is the Budino di Cioccolato. This one has a texture of a mousse, and I love that it’s so soft that it melts in your mouth when taken.

10 | Panna Cotta Nero Bianca

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

I wasn’t able to try this, but my friends loved it! You’ve got to adore how they presented this dessert. (P255)

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

We also had a quick chat with Chef Jason regarding their future plans for this restaurant. Apparently, they will be multiplying their establishments under the Abaca Group, so you guys need to watch out for that! They might be opening another type of dining restaurant within the Cebu areas, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Aside from the exquisite foods, the interior is also that of a modern restaurant with little flashing light bulbs hanging at the top.

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

Tavolata Cebu Italian Fine Dining

Not only was I able to try good foods, but I was also able to meet a bunch of new friends over lunch. I had a great conversation with Naomi, Nym, and Rachel, and afterwards we went out together for coffee, too. Thanks for the time, girls! <3

Design Center of Cebu
A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City
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  1. Any restaurant by The Abaca Group is always in my list of favorites and of course, Tavolata is one of them. This entry makes me want to go and eat there now (but it’s 12am so, boo-hoo lol). I miss the black Panna Cotta!

  2. I have always been a fan of Italian cuisine, I even told my mom that I wouldn’t mind just having Italian and Japanese cuisine for the rest of my life. Linguine and Clams looks really yummy! I love homemade pizza but I usally take it easy with the cheese.

    Uh!! I adore the restaurant’s interiors.

  3. Wow. Picture palang lami na! HAHA.
    I wanna give this place a visit (someday) and maybe try their homemade pizza – FORMAGGI BIANCHE…

    by the way, love your shots Mi. Lahi ra jud 😀

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