Fudge Restaurant Cebu, a place popularly known for their Lava Cakes, became my destination one Saturday night when my spirit was crushed and exhausted from all the school work. Dessert is my safe haven, and I’m the one who doesn’t deprive myself of that. On Zomato’s 3rd Foodie Meetup, I joined them to experience something other than Fudge’s heavenly selections of dessert.

Aside from what Fudge Restaurant Cebu is known for (which is desserts), they also have stunning appetizers, soups, breakfast items, pastas, and main courses on their menu. Let us check out some of their offerings and figure out your own verdicts:

Fudge Restaurant Cebu: Appetizers

To start the dinner on a good note, the Seafood Chowder makes its way to the table in a tiny, elegant peach cup. Its creamy consistency makes the bread melt right in your mouth, and the clam blends in well in a non-overwhelming way.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Seafood Chowder
Seafood Chowder

They have a unique Cream of Pumpkin dish topped with Japanese fish/bonito flakes, which appears to be dancing when you watch it closely.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Cream of Pumpkin
Cream of Pumpkin (w/ Japanese Bonito Flakes)

If you’re the salad type of person (I’m not), then try their Manguava salad. It’s got ripe mangoes, roasted cashews, and lettuce garnished with guava vinaigrette. There’s a hint of sweet and sour that’s perfect together.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu: Main Courses

I wouldn’t like to miss on the main course if they have it as good as the ones at Fudge Restaurant Cebu. If you’re in for some protein-rich meal, the Grilled Pork Steak is what you may need. They also offer giant servings alongside with the Pork and Beans, which is a breakfast item I totally fancy. It has a sunny side-up egg and two slices of pandesal.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Grilled Pork Steak
Grilled Pork Steak
Fudge Restaurant Cebu Pork and Beans
Pork and Beans

Moreover, they have other selections such as Baby Back Ribs and Parmesan Crusted Fish Piccata that we will have to try in the future!

Fudge Restaurant Cebu: Sandwiches

Among their sandwiches, we were able to try one of their bestsellers, the Army Navy. Cheese-lovers like me adore the idea of having their sandwiches smothered with an overflowing amount of cheese!

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Army Navy
Army Navy

Other options are their Grilled Chicken and Bacon Caesars and Bacon, Mushroom, & Cheese (which sound just as tempting as the first one).

Fudge Restaurant Cebu: Pasta

Along with foods that taste good, each of it also has a story to tell. As owners Augie and Cathleen Lontok beguiled us with these stories, it seemingly appeared how passionate these people are for bringing these kind of dishes to life. Each food recipe does not just contain a simple ingredient found locally. They also outsource from cities nationwide.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Ayala Pasta
Aligue and Prawn Spaghetti

For example, their Aligue and Prawn Spaghetti. Aligue is also known as crab fat, or in most provinces, known as taba ng talangka. For them to get fresh crab aligue, they had to import this one from Manila. It was rather new as well as fascinating for me, but this seafood-rich spaghetti wasn’t that overwhelming at all.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu: Desserts

What’s Fudge without these sweet temptations that could easily break your diet? As you may know, I love desserts. They’re my most favorite part of a meal.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Ayala Review Pizzokie

To name a piece that was quite a stunner for the night – the Pizzokie – the newest addition to their menu, became an instant favorite. It’s a huge, hot chocolate chip cookie that’s baked in a skillet with a vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce topping. It’s not yet on their menu, so get some secret dibs on this while it’s not yet rolled to the public!

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Frozen Lemon Pie
Frozen Lemon Pie

Another favorite that my tongue savored so much was the Frozen Lemon Pie drizzled with caramel. I like my desserts sweet, but the hint of lemon flavor bursts in just the right amount. Not too sour, not too sweet. The crust is perfectly balanced with the creamy lemon pie in the middle.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Lava Cake
Lava Cake
Fudge Restaurant Cebu Kalamansi Cake
Kalamansi Cake
Fudge Restaurant Cebu Pink Velvet
Pink Velvet
Fudge Restaurant Cebu Sweet Potato Cake
Sweet Potato Cake

And of course, we were served with their delectable Lava Cake. If you’re looking for some light snacks, they also have cupcakes with Kalamansi and Pink Velvet flavors. For sweet on sweet combos, their Sweet Potato Cake is just the one to get, what with the layers of sweet potatoes and chocolate syrup smothered at the top.

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Dessert Place

Fudge Restaurant Cebu Ayala

Being in the food industry for seven years already, Fudge Restaurant Cebu has made a name in the market for continuously bringing out a consistent quality. So far, they have five branches here in Cebu; two of which branches are aptly called Lava that caters to all their dessert specialties.

So, what are your thoughts on this place? Have you decided to give Fudge Restaurant Cebu’s other, not quite known yet equally tasty selections a try?

Fudge Restaurant
4th Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu
(032) 260-0528
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  1. Grilled pork steak and pork and beans looks really scrumptious! Makes me want to eat now. Im a sucker for desserts and if this hub offers good food too, then definitely its one great place for me to stay. Will remember this place when in Cebu!

  2. Absolutely delicious. My favorite will be the Grilled Pork Steak. Then to end the nigh with a decadent dessert which will be the Pizzokie. Dessert are my weakness too. This Pizzokie looks mouth watering heavenly. This is def a must visit

  3. Everything looks sumptous. I was taken by your intro. Haha. I also go to restos and eat when i feel so stressed- this time for me, because of work. Id like to try that calamansi cake! You are good with describing each dish. Kagutom naman!

  4. Wow! These are all mouthwatering! Seriously, I would want to go out now and eat something close to those. I especially love Pizzokie. Then I also love to try the shrimp pasta and the grilled pork steak. Even the army navy seems to be a super bestseller.

  5. I’ll make sure we eat out here when my family travels to Cebu again! Your photos made the food look more mouthwatering! I’m interested to try their aligue and prawn pasta. I also want to try the seafood chowder.

  6. Your photos, Mi! Makagutom! Haha. Never really tried this place… Vanessa and I might try this real soon. We’re looking for good dessert places man gud. xD Thanks for this review. 🙂

  7. the presentation of seafood chowder is so adorable! I’ve never seen soup presented in a cup (mug?) like that but it’s a nice change. that sandwich is so gorgeous! all that cheese. ugh, i’m drooling over here.
    the most mouth watering one is definitely their lava cake. i personally love lava cake; it’s one of my favorite desserts, especially when it melts perfectly in your mouth. ugh, that’s something to die for!

    p.s: i love your photographs, they’re pretty 🙂

  8. Oh my! The food looks really delicious! I’m craving for sweets now 🙁 that pizzokie looks so sweet and yummy! I wish they have a branch here in Davao. I love your layout here btw. The cover picture looks really good, almost from a magazine cover! Great job 🙂

  9. Yum, all of that food looks delicious! My mouth is especially watering on the photo of the Army Navy. All of that cheese looks awesome.

    There’s a restaurant here that does a Pizzokie too, and I love that it’s served in the skillet. Ice cream and cookie is such a great combination. The lemon pie looks good too! I’m a fan of tart desserts!

  10. The sandwhiches sounds so good! I’m a big fan of cheese and I would probably want cheese in everything I eat, tbh. That sandwhich oozing with cheese sauce just made my mouth water.

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