Far away from the bustling streets of the city, there lies a certain spot in Mactan, a place where I’d lived for almost two decades now. A new food destination opened in the Mactan Newtown Cebu last year where stalls in a hawker-style setup popped up.

Mactan Newtown Cebu Ayer's Alfresco Ambiance - Chasing Bleu

Megaworld, the leading and pioneering developer of integrated urban townships, brought a new dining concept in the then newly-opened Mactan Alfresco. This food center, inspired by the ones found in Singapore, showcases the culinary masterpieces of Cebuano cuisine. Each stall offers a different kind of flavor to the table, and here are just some of them:

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Dining Setup - Chasing Bleu


For those fans of Mexican food, there’s Meximama to satisfy you with its unique and authentic flavors. Who could ever resist some tacos, burritos, and especially their Nachos en Salsa Roja? On another note, every meal is affordable and adjusted to the Filipino palate, so you can never feel guilty of indulging yourself with their offerings!

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Meximama Tacos - Chasing BleuMactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Meximama Nachos - Chasing BleuMactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Meximama - Chasing Bleu

Choobi Choobi

A house specialty from Choobi Choobi is their Shrimp in a Bag, which consists of a pound of freshly-caught shrimps and sauce in Butter Garlic, Spicy Gata, and Sauteed in Garlic varieties. They also offer other seafood and meat dishes to satiate your cravings.

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Choobi Choobi Shrimp in a Bag - Chasing BleuMactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Choobi Choobi Shrimps - Chasing Bleu

Orange Karenderia

From its humble beginnings as a simple food stall in Mandaue City, Orange Karenderia has now expanded its newest branch in Mactan Alfresco. They offer proud Cebuano dishes at affordable prices, which is enough reason if you want to explore more of the gastronomic Cebuano cooking.

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Orange Karenderia Chicken - Chasing Bleu

Boneless and Spicy Lechon

Cebu’s Lechon is one that is world-renowned, you couldn’t go wrong in tasting one when you visit this place. Mactan Newtown Cebu’s dining center has local Cebuano lechon providers with the likes of Cebu Ayer’s Lechon (named as the Best Lechon Maker in Cebu 2015), Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly, and Ana’s Lechon. They also recently opened the Mactan Newtown Cebu Lechon Pit, which currently roasts 12 mouthwatering lechons at a time.

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Lechon - Chasing BleuMactan Newtown Cebu Ayer's Lechon Sisig - Chasing BleuMactan Newtown Cebu Ayer's Lechon - Chasing Bleu

Oyster Bay Express

The island of Mactan has many prominent sources of seafood, and Oyster Bay Express cooks them to perfection. They have a wide selection of freshly-caught seafood that you’ll certainly want to try.

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Oyster Bay Express - Chasing Bleu

Manang Sayong

Looking for a gustatory home cooked meal that you sorely missed? Manang Sayong has you covered! They have Filipino dishes of all sorts that you can choose from like buttered tahong and sinugbang isda. Perfect for when you miss your mom’s cooking!

Mactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Manang Sayong Tahong - Chasing BleuMactan Newtown Cebu Alfresco Manang Sayong - Chasing Bleu

Mactan Newtown Beach Resort

[thb_notification]Updated: 2016 November 10[/thb_notification]Mactan Newtown Beach Resort

Aside from this newest food haven in Cebu, Megaworld has also set the Mactan Newtown Beach Resort open to the public. This beachfront property allows family and friends to relax while working at the beach! Great, right?

Here is more info about this newly-opened resort:

Mactan Newtown Beach Resort Contact Number + Info

Contact Number:

Opening Hours:

Entrance Fee:

+63 917 704 4893

7 AM to 7 PM

Php 150 on weekdays, Php 199 on weekends (25% off for Cebu residents – bring valid ID showing the address)

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Have you tried it at this place? What do you think of their newest developments at the Mactan Newtown Cebu? 🙂

Mimi Gonzales


Mimi is a food and travel enthusiast who wishes to explore and experience more things in life. She blogs about food, travel, and fancy things that are noteworthy.

  1. I gotta say that this is an awesome compilation of everything. Details, food shots, and what not … this is exactly what most readers would look for in a food post. I look forward to visiting this place when next I visit Cebu.

  2. Hi, Mimi! I haven’t been to your blog in a long while and damn, it has improved so much! I mean, can your site still get any prettier? I’m so impressed; there’s always something new to look forward to! 🙂

    Sorry didn’t pay a lot of attention to the content. I was just navigating through your website. Haha

    PS Can you lead me on to the person who designed your blog? 🙂

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  3. Yay! Those were all tempting! I missed Lechon Cebu! When i was there i eat lechon like everyday. Thank God hindi naman ako nahighblood! Hahaha! These hawker style food hubs doesn’t seem to be hawker style at all. The food look delicious with high standards. It made hungry really…

  4. Hi mi! I love the new look of your home <3 The marble is to die for! 😀
    Anyway, Cebu really has a lot to offer and it's as if I traveled to Cebu because of your blog. Hopefully someday I can set foot in the lands of Cebu.

  5. Wow??? Certainly a food haven! One place, with different food, no need to wander around! Haha
    Hoping to visit this if ever Gerald and I come back to Cebu, we’re planning to go back next year! 🙂

    I would love to try Choobi CHoobi and Oyster Bay Express because I love seafood! Gerald would definitely love Meximama because one of his faves are tacos! 🙂

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