Blogging has been such a wonderful part of my daily life. Since I started writing on online platforms around 5 years ago and took blogging seriously just last year, it felt like the community has grown so much. Sadly, there was a case when I wasn’t happy anymore of what I was doing. The flame has died, close to burnt out. The craft which I loved doing suddenly felt indifferent. And it wasn’t just because I got tired of it, no.

Seeing the impact that blogging has made into different aspects such as businesses, tourism, marketing, and the likes shows just how much this craft has evolved. From ordinary hobbies and now to being sideline jobs for some people, it seemed that the possibilities were endless.

earning from blogging

I, myself, was immersed first into the era of Tumblogs filled with personal thoughts and casual rants, just like having your own diary. Online diaries and I were a click because most of the time, I struggled with my emotions and usually had a hard time expressing it. My tumblog back then was my refuge as I wept my hearts out on entries which nobody even cared to read.

Thus, I cannot surmise just how much blogging changed my life. But lately, there came a point where I could no longer write something out, despite all the backlogs and ideas, because I was pressured to give my best step forward. “What if nobody reads this?” “What if your pictures aren’t really nice to look at?” “You’re not popular, how can somebody even visit your blog?” These thoughts loomed my mind madly.

business blogging

I guess it was too easy to get swayed with the glam that some bloggers made blogging look like. Oh, and let’s not skip the competition – where some took into bashing and nitpicking all the little flaws that the others have.

Maybe I fell out of love because of the general notions about being a blogger (mostly made by condescending bloggers and non-bloggers alike). What is a blogger, really? What truly makes a blogger? Are there qualities one must have to partake in blogging?

Truth is, everybody is putting definitions and standards for being one and it can put its toll on some bloggers like me. But now I’d also figured why this passion of mine went dying, when in fact, it was what I loved doing. I realized that…

Blogging is a passion I couldn’t let go of

Blogging is, undoubtedly, one of my greatest passions. Writing has always been my escape whenever I don’t feel like existing in this world. So why stop? What should ever hold me back? Maybe it was the attention or the never-ending nagging, or perhaps the pressure that came as I grew with it. But, regardless of all that, I found that this passion will stick with me throughout time.

A blogger has a purpose

With five years spent just blogging about personal stuff on the internet, I figured out eventually that aside from being my creative outlet (and a space for a few rants), my blog can also serve as a resource for some people.

Currently, I’m into writing food and restaurant reviews and people usually read those articles to find out about my thoughts about this place and that. It has also helped some businesses gain attention in line with the people they are trying to service. In one way or another, as a blogger, I get to provide my readers with useful information that they seek.

Other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter

There are times when I get swayed by what other people think, and I realized this could be toxic.

Some people say bloggers “only like to brag about the free stuff they get” or “the places they get invited into”, and be a famewhore on social media. Others set their bar of expectations so high to think that all bloggers earn a high salary. Some people think that blogging is an easy task – well, it really isn’t.

When I stopped giving a fuck about what they think, it cleared my mind and made my life easier.

There is always room for improvement

I started blogging (or using online platforms rather) five years ago and when I look back at all my previous traces of it, a lot has definitely changed. I still cringe looking at my low-quality photos and pretentious writings, but it has made me appreciate what I have now. Of course, I would still need to improve my craft until such time when I’ll take blogging for granted and settle for less (which is hopefully never).

I am a blogger, and I chose to love this craft

Suddenly there was that unexpected shift of environment for me, and it scared me a lot. (I might be a bit ambiguous here as I don’t want to spill so much.) Camie of Wild-Spirit wrote a few years back about the Impostor Syndrome, which I believe is similar to my feeling of being inadequate as a blogger. Am I really a blogger? Do I deserve to be called one?

In definition, I’d like to think that I am. But after everything I thought of in this post, I surmised that being a blogger does not just limit you to going on events, receiving freebies and monetary sponsorships, living the kind of I-wish-I-could-be-her lifestyle, and the likes. Being a blogger means you are brave enough to pursue your passion even without all the additional perks that come with it.

blogging tips

A few days ago I was feeling lost about everything (or maybe I’m too stressed juggling my school-work-blog schedule) and lacking confidence to pursue what I had planned for this blog. However, somehow, after writing this post, my love for blogging (and writing) has rekindled. <3

With that, I hope that in the months ahead, I will be able to post as much as I could (because honestly, I’m really lagging behind all my backlogs) and get my gear up and running! 🙂

  1. I surmise that once in a while even those whom we can think of as successful bloggers might also had their own share of experience in which they feel like their passion for writing or blogging is suddenly decreasing. Reading your post made me realize that whenever we feel that way, it is like we are competing with own inner selves. I believe too that similar experiences doesn’t only happen in blogging, but also in other areas of our life. It is such a good thing that you were able to fight that feeling and I am happy that through this blog post, your interest in blogging rekindled.

  2. Mi, nasaag kos imong blog. I love reading insightful posts like this jud. Ako I still consider myself a blogger even though I am very inconsistent when it comes to posting, branding, etc. I tend to change everything when I feel like dili na nako feel. But feel nako blogger gihapon ko even though most of the time, I blog about my experiences for keepsake. Haha feeler lang guro ko. Afterall, that’s how I came to know about the blogging world. Nga it’s an expression of who you are and not about how you want to be seen by other people. Keep blogging, Mi! Love the new look on your blog!

  3. Mimi, this post is wonderfully written and I am going to share this one on one of my social networks, so be happy. I like the word, FAMWHOREand hope it makes to the OED.All said and done, blogging alone does not fetch you money, unless you add something to your blogging effort.
    I too have been blogging but I am happy to share with you that it is only NOW that blogging has started delivering, indirectly.

  4. I agree with a lot of your points listed above. Blogging is a passion, or it should be a passion, otherwise you couldn’t keep going. I had all these doubts and ‘what ifs’as well, but I came to the conclusion, that probably the best would be just being myself.I am not keen on broadcasting my privacy, but keeping my style and my way of blogging instead of listening to everybody’s opinion. I really like your website, I think you are doing an amazing job!

  5. I can relate in so many levels, I guess if you’ve been doing this for quite a long time, you will eventually reach that point where your interest starts to wane or when you start questioning why you are blogging in the first place. All bloggers experience and I know quite a few who have just given up. And I do not question their decision for stopping, blogging can be done by everyone but it’s not for everyone, if you know what I mean.

    I agree, just write what you want. We all care about stats at some point, but let it be just one of the factors to consider than the topmost concern for blogging. I still believe that blogging should reflect a blogger’s real passion in life.

  6. I feel you here! I’ve been blogging way back 2004 and up to know I couldn’t quite embrace how my favorite emotional outlet turned into a commercial circus. Over time, I’ve learned not overly really care about what other people (and brands) think, and focus on the just plain expressing my thoughts. 😀 Just keep blogging!

  7. this is a really inspiring post, thank you for being so transparent with your thoughts, being a blogger is never a bed of roses. May you continue to have the passion for it. 1st few months into blogging I cant find my focus, until one day I managed to. After reading this post, I felt very much encouraged, thank you.

  8. Great post! I love reading about other bloggers journey’s. So many things that I’m recognizing. For it is the combination of blogging and my niche (movies) that makes me really passionate. It’s not just the blogging, but it’s sharing my love for movies and anything related that makes me really happy.

  9. Blogging for me has been a way to voice out my inner feelings. It has been also a medium for me to practice my own writing skill. Writing is something that I dreaded when I was still a student. On the other hand, when I experienced a trip abroad and encountered different cultures, a spark of writing initiatives grew in me. I wanted to immortalize it. As I blog, other ideas of what I wanted to write popped up. It is not always like that. Sometimes, I also fall into the trap of having a difficulty on what to write. I am just new in blogging and I think that once we started to blog, we will always be a blogger, unless we stop doing it.

  10. The love for blogging is different for you, and the others. But at its fundamental core is the fun of doing so. Pero blogging is also a medium. If it makes you feel better to express, blogging is only one way to express, for example.

    In the end, let blogging be an extension of what makes you happy, and it will be all much more fun for you.

  11. I’ve gone through this feeling as well many times. I have been writing on online platforms for many years and also went through this shift of “but will people read what I write?” when at the beginning I didn’t even care! I’ve written about impostor syndrome as well and it’s so debilitating you have to fight through it and believe that you do things with a purpose and those who are meant to read you , will.

  12. I agree that a blogger has a purpose. You do not do it just for the sake of writing but because you want to tell a story. I’m happy that you were able to rekindle your love for this craft! Keep writing and inspiring others!

  13. Express yourself. That does not mean that you do not evolve and you obviously has evolved from how you used to blog about today. Your expression is yours alone and it is your choice if you will allow others to dictate what you write or how so. Tell the world what you think, what you have seen, how you felt, it is what blogging is all about. No matter how you feel about it, blogging was and will always be a part of you. Keep going.

  14. Blogging is hard, and when you want to make it your living and your main business, hard working is required. I totally get your point; even tho it’s a passion you’re starting to be pressured when it comes to number and analytics. It’s hard and your passion should be above all, but learning through tips shared by other successful bloggers will help you to get through this. I’ve been there, and I doubted, and then I realised it was my true passion, and I wouldn’t quit for anything in the world.

  15. Wow. This is a really deep (galing pa sa ilalim ng lupa) post. We never chose blogging, blogging chose us! (CHEESY).

    Blogging is never listening to the bashers but understanding what your readers want. And you’re right, every blogger has a purpose so let’s continue blogging and continue improving our craft!

    God Bless!
    Jan Limark |Brotherly Creative

  16. Wow. I really really love this blog post. I just started blogging this year, but like you, I also started on Tumblogs since writing was also my escape when I struggle with my emotions. Now I started blogging because of my love for makeup, especially for Korean cosmetics and I’ve always loved the thought that girls rely on you when they decide which good products to buy. I guess that’s the reason why I keep on blogging despite all the doubts and questions I had in mind. This is such an inspiration. Thank you so much for this post.

  17. I seriously feel that Tumblr vibe! I started with Tumblr (and Multiply) back then and just last year, started the serious side of blogging. I sometimes remember why I started blogging and looking back, I remember the things I wanted to do and share. It may sometimes have a hump day but I’m sure you’ll get back and bounce back. 🙂 I love your blog template btw 🙂

  18. Absolutely adore this! I too started blogging 5 years ago and only started taking it seriously this past year. It was previously a way for me to record my life lessons and was kind of like a little diary. Now I feel like the blogger world has created a little community.

    Love your reminder not to listen to others opinions! So many valuable lessons in blogging!

  19. I have the same sentiments. I also can’t let go of blogging despite the hectic work schedule, kids and other responsibilities. My passion for it has made me make time for it. My blog also started out as a personal one which somehow morphed into a blog that provides help in some ways on different topics. I also still write personal posts. I think right now I’m in a good place as you are. Your realizations have further strengthened your passion for blogging.

  20. I wholeheartedly agree with your post. I’ve been in that same situation of wondering if I am really a blogger, because

    a) I don’t get into events unlike the others
    b) no monetary/ sponsorships unlike the others
    c) I’m not really famous.

    Would you believe that I thought that to be a legit blogger you have to be famous? hahaha! But while going down the road onto my own journey, I learned a couple of things too. One is that a blogger is a blogger because no matter what happens, there will always be this craving of sharing your life experiences to anyone out there, and hoping for the best that you helped them out in some way through what you worte. Another is that this is my hobby, not a job, hence if I feel burned out, I can just write and rant about it on my blog. Publishing some of those rants however… well, let me just say most are still in my drafts. If I publish them, it would defeat my blog lesson #1, hence why I don’t hit the publish button for the rants haha 😀

  21. I think once you become a blogger, then you are a blogger. Sometimes, we may have less time to write, but the passion for writing will always be there. The truth is, for personal blogs, it is our emotional state that determines how often and how we write. Notice how extreme emotions can make as do things… love… anger… hatred… joy… 🙂

  22. I really love this article , I swear. I’ve been writfpr 2 years and I agree that Today blogging become a competition. That you wanted to be always on top with other. And I think that kind of attitude will you a as a blogger. Being competitive is not an issue. Being too competitive does. So let’s just keep writing regardless if we earn or not because this is our passion and let’s keep the that flame always alive!

  23. I feel like these feelings come with the terrortory of blogging because I feel them all the time. For the time being I only blog experience and everything is at my own expense I don’t get paid for anything. It is a passion and it’s is something that I love doing it makes me feel alive. We should all do the things we have a passion for but we should never let it get too ugly for us that we never come back to it.

  24. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I also started blogging when I was in college and was burnt out from all the codes we needed to input. I had a blog in Tabulas and Livejournal annd it was more about putting your thoughts out there and connecting with like minds than what blogging seems more now, featuring products and events. I don’t have anything against it, I sometime post about thing like those myself. But what makes me follow a blog is the personal stories shared by the writer, more than the reviews and the press releases.

  25. I think many if not all bloggers go through a phase when they ask themselves if they want to continue. It’s a time to go back to our reasons for blogging. Maybe, it was triggered by unfulfilled goals or expectations. But if this road is really ours to take, no matter what struggles we face, we would still choose to persevere.

  26. I was close to crying while reading this, Mimi. I admit I thought about giving blogging up at one point in my life, but I don’t know… there’s just something about it that I couldn’t let go just like that. Also, the fact that I’ve remained nicheless all these years, made me overthink about being a blogger. I want to fit in to the blogging world because I’m a blogger at heart, but I see no progress when it comes to “monetization” etc. and all the other blogs I have followed since my Tumblr days have evolved so much and I’m still left —— neutral.. flat line… meh~ But I never really gave up. Who cares if people don’t read what I write, as long as I’m passionate about what I post and write about on my blog, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve come to realize that my blog is a place for story and not for business.

  27. My blog serves as my online diary where I vent my mishaps, crazy adventures and everything that is with me. I started my blog not because I want to be in the bandwagon, but to share my musings and lessons in life. It is not money that I want, it’s the passion I have to hold and improve. Blogging could be so challenging and hard but hard works pay off very well. We all go to the same mistakes yet we land to different kinds of success (or maybe same too). Anyway, God bless in blogging!

    P.S. Are you Carolinian? Hehe 🙂

    Kai // Kitty Journal (www,

  28. Stumbled upon your blog randomly 🙂 I started blogging since 2005 on Blogger/Blogspot as a way to communicate with friends and family since I moved to another country for college. It was easier than sending emails to each and every one. The awesome thing with blogging was I managed to make friends with people of different backgrounds and nationalities. I met some of them in person through travels or they visit me and we still keep in touch for over ten years now! Blogging is also therapeutic and it serves as my outlet, to let my thoughts come alive.

  29. There were days when I wanted to just leave blogging for good, just seize the day and live life to the fullest but there was me again asking myself if it’s really worth the shot. I wouldn’t have my very own place for my rants, opinions, moments and a place where people could take inspiration and in a way, it also inspires me if I’ve left. Thus, I didn’t stop blogging. It’s a hard journey growing with it and the pressure that society expects from me when they ask me “Are you a blogger?” and “How much do you earn?” I just realized recently that I don’t need to earn money just to be a blogger. Although I may be experiencing financial crisis but it doesn’t mean I earn so much. I can’t even earn money that could let me leave the house and start my own place. So long as words flow through me, share it for the whole world to see and knowing people could be inspired and relate to, then I am fine with it. The perks of blogging just like earning money, sponsorships and the freebies will follow.

    Good luck in blogging, Ate! I’ve been following you since you were in Tumblr ’til you moved here. 🙂

  30. I first started a blog for my passion in writing and then I started writing some personal posts and whatnot. During that time, I really get what you feel because it felt like I was being …too exposed and other people, strangers on the net, were going to read about my personal struggles and I thought, what if people judged me based on what I feel? and other stuff like that. I end up remaking my blog from scratch, moved from one hosting to the next until I finally landed upon my current blog – which is, hopefully, the most staple one out of all. I no longer write about my personal struggles or post entries that are too…focused on me, if that makes sense. I’ve come to accept that strangers on the internet can be judgmental a-holes behind the screen, thinking that they know me based on my posts and that makes me think: I will blog but I will no longer blog about my personal struggles. to some, this may look like I’m posting things that people will generally accept, however, for me, it’s how I can continuously keep up my hobby while also keep myself safe, you know? it does not add pressure to me in a “I must only post things people enjoy” way because I never thought anyone would even read what I wrote to begin with. so when there are people who do read what I write, that makes me happy. at the same time, I still know how to separate real life and what can be seen on the net. I use other medias if I really, really need to rant though – tumblr is a perfect place for me.

    I have also come to terms that it’s cool if people don’t really read what I write but if they do, that’s cool too. either way, I just have to think that it’s MY blog and it’s MY place and no one is supposed to bug me about what should / should not be posted and/or when I should post. Not gonna lie, I do envy bloggers who turn up successful and end up turning their passion into a paid job. I wish I can do that too but I don’t go out much and I don’t shop as much so… I’m still a small, “just-doing-it-as-a-daily-hobby” kind of blogger so it’s all cool. I feel like the more I stress about why isn’t my blog as popular or why do I only decent amount of visitors, the more I’m going to turn my blog into something that I’ll regret. I feel like I don’t want to dwell too deep into the whole “am I really worth the label of a blogger?” because then I might lose the passion to actually write a post which is sad. it’s kinda annoying when people instantly think of bloggers as those who brag about the stuff or lifestyle they have and get, etc and I think that kind of thinking surfaces due to how we see these bunch of famous bloggers out there who constantly gain media attention. immediately, people think that bloggers = famous people and that those whose blogs aren’t as infamous are not worth the label.

    anyway, long story short, I agree with what you said there. plus, I think people who have a blog and are constantly writing posts, they are bloggers enough for me. I’d rather not think too intensely about this topic. and yes, you should write whenever and whatever you like! your blog means your diary and you’re the only one who knows what should or should not be published online.

    sorry for the super long comment, lol. I just can’t help it.

  31. Wonderful blog entry, Mimi! I believe the only way I can fully express myself is through blogging, I may not be the impeccable writer but I try. Yes, it is definitely true that blogging is not an easy task as it takes a lot of dedication and creative juices.

    – Tricia Willa | Eccentric Earthling

  32. Awww I feel you on this one. I also ask myself most of the time if I can call myself a blogger or just someone with an account in a blogging platform lol (idk if that made sense, but wtvr). I think being a blogger isn’t just about the stuff you get from it, like free invites and stuff from people. It’s about how you make use of what you’re passionate about to inspire others to do the same. Words are powerful enough to influence others 🙂

  33. “Blogging is, undoubtedly, one of my greatest passions.” I strongly agree with you. I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years now and I know exactly what you’ve been feeling. Balancing blogging, work, and school is really hard but even with the busy life, they can’t take away blogging from us.

  34. Ohh, there’s always that phase where you’re getting tired of blogging. I, myself, have experienced that but I always come back. I just can’t stop blogging when it’s one of the ways where I keep track of my memories and whatnot. It is just the way it is. You just can’t let it go. <3

  35. I hope not to leave a reply that might offend anyone, but I do get what you say. Some bloggers blog for blogging’s sake, and also to get the freebies behind ’em. That’s why they give a bad name those who really write. I think the difference is that we should have a life outside blogging. Things to geek out with, with the blog as a platform.

  36. I started blogging as a hobby, just talking like I normally would, the only difference is that my ramblings are documented online for public viewing. I had no idea that I could earn from it without leaving the house, paid posts and long term relationships with brands I love surprised me on the first year. Haven’t really thought about taking my blogging to a professional level, if you read my posts, it’s like a kid wrote the article instead of a 30-year-old wife and mom of 4 haha. Maybe when the kids are all grown up, I’ll polish my writing and the photos I upload to a certain standard or maybe not haha.

    Backlogs… The struggle is real!

  37. We are having the same situation right now. Juggling all the things to be done is not easy. All I know is that if this is really your passion, you will be able to finish it whether it’s hard. You can do it, we can do it! God bless!

  38. I’ve always see bloggers as passionate people and even admire them more because they can write and write a lot of things. It’s a talent 🙂 I love writing about the places I visit and I don,t write to impress my readers, I write to improve myself.

  39. I really like this post. It’s not just because this is a good read but because you sort of spoke what I had in mind, with regards to my issues about blogging. But good luck to us in being great bloggers!

  40. Despite being busy and juggling my time being an educator, wife, daughter, student and a soon-to-be-mom, I always find myself blogging about so many things in life! I just love writing too and sharing my passion through this craft! It’s nice having friends with the same passion and building relationships with things that you love.

  41. I understand how you feel. I love writing and keeping a blog, I can’t even explain why. It just makes me happy so I do it even without monetary compensation. Two months after starting my blog this year, I wanted to stop. I realized nowadays nobody reads. But to cut the story short… when you’re happy with what you do it’s easy to get discouraged but difficult to stop.

  42. I started blogging 3 years ago and stopped because I cannot balance work school and writing, like you blogging for me at that time is sharing my personal thoughts when I returned last month in blogging it was so different. I find it hard to write as well because of the same pressure that you are encountering but writing is my first love and like you no matter what happens I will always keep on coming back to it.

  43. There are times that I am feeling the same too. But my passion to it keep me going. It’s been a long time since “I don’t care if no one read my post” and it helps get me going because I have nobody to please but myself. I always keep my standards on my own perspective. Keep blogging!

  44. As a new blogger, this really inspired me. I know we all have these ‘not motivated’ time, but surely we will always be coming back specially to the things that we really love to do.

  45. Blogs have been invested because people wanted to start sharing their opinions online. There are popular blogs and there are blogs that have no value. I think it’s up to the blogger to continue learning and improving their writing. There will always be readers if the blog is offering useful information. 🙂

  46. just like you, my passion is really about writing. There are times that I get lazy but there are times I get excited to write. What matters though is what makes you happy. What is the sole purpose of your blog. And if you’re not getting any excited anymore, just think about why you started this blog in the first place. TBH, i don’t care how many readers I get or if someone really reads my content, what matters to me is I get to document my experiences. 🙂

  47. Hi Mimi! I completely understand your situation. I stopped blogging because of some personal reasons – but mostly it’s really just me getting tired of the entire experience. I even deleted my previous blog. But after taking a hiatus from blogging, I feel super motivated right now to continue my craft. I’m starting all over again but at least this time, I know exactly what I want for my page. Thanks, Mimi for reminding me the beauty of blogging!

  48. I totally get you, although I cant really say that blogging is my passion but it’s definitely one of the things that I enjoy doing. Blogging has changed so much now and I also lost the joy of blogging way back. I got really lost and doubted the things that I want to post and thought what if this post is not good enough compared to others who are quickly becoming famous because of this and that, should I also blog about that to gain more readers? So I took a break from it and when I got back to blogging I made sure that I stay true to what my values are and I have a clear goal on what I want to share on my blog.

    I would suggest though to take a step back from blogging maybe for a day or two or even a week to refresh your mind 🙂 Do what makes you happy and you’re right we should not let other people’s opinion hinder us from doing the things that we love to do. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  49. My process of getting into blogging is very similar to yours; I also started off on Tumblr! I asked myself similar questions to your “What if nobody reads this?” “What if your pictures aren’t really nice to look at?” “You’re not popular, how can somebody even visit your blog?” except my train of thought was more like this: “Okay literally nobody reads your blog or cares as much as you do about it, so you can do whatever sh** you want and nobody will even notice,” which was my own way of freeing myself of other people’s opinions 😛 Just yesterday I was looking back on blog posts I published during my first few months and they were sooooo bad; I thought they were so funny. I am probably the only person to think that 😛 I’m glad that your love for blogging has rekindled and that you were able to do that through writing this post 🙂 That’s what blogging has always been for me–a way for me to sort and figure out my thoughts -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  50. I feel you, dear. Pero ganun talaga. Blogging gets more and more competitive, but the best advice I got and I can give you is just be yourself. Kebs if they have more followers and more beautiful posts/photographs. We just gotta do our thing and everything else will follow. 🙂 Cheers to blogging!

  51. Hi Mimi, I can relate to your post so much! I have been a Tumblogger for 6 years and I’ve been in and out in the blogosphere on those years. Although I just got serious with my blogging last month, there are times when I have doubts. Sometimes I think about where I could lead this blog to, on what I’m gonna make out of it in a year, on how I could improve myself in the next months or so.

    For me, blogging is not about “bragging” as what other people would generalize what a blogger does. For me, it’s about having a space in the internet to write about the most random stuff you could think about and share it with others. We always seem hesitant to post our thoughts at first, wondering if someone would read it, but then I always go with what my heart tells me to do.

    Lastly, I want you to know that we are on the same page on your last realization. I chose to love blogging, it’s a passion I couldn’t just let go without trying hard and I am not ashamed to call myself a blogger because that’s what we are even if we are not THAT famous, even if we are just starting out. We can have doubts every time but in the end, if we truly love what we’re doing, we won’t stop doing it. We may have a break for a while, but we will always come back. Because for me, blogging is home. 🙂

  52. Very honest post, Mimi! Me too, I felt kinda the same way. I feel like I’ve lost my excitement for blogging lately. Well, mainly because of my work schedule. Haay, like it’s been a while since I wrote something na “from the heart”.. hehe I mean, like something out of my emotions and not just events-related type of posts. Hehe Anyway, after reading this, I feel like I have to step up too. Maybe I just need to unwind and clear my mind so I can blog again. This was a great share, thanks Mimi! 🙂

  53. Gogogo Mimi! There are times when I’m lost too but I always remember why I started.. and that is because I love writing. You’re right, with the blogging trend these days, we might be too conscious of what we put online like the photos, etc. Blogging has evolved so much! Sometimes I care too much, but then I remind myself to chill and just continue what I think makes me happy too. Keep the blogging fire burning! 😉

  54. Wow. This is really something Mi! I had the same questions myself but I guess at the end of the day, it all boils down to passion and your love for blogging. That’s what made it big in the first place. People first blogged out of passion and hobby and not money which made it relatable and genuine. It was also what draw me in. When you get random people get inspired or find your post useful, it’s really fulfilling. I’m glad you’ve rekindled your love for it. I would have missed you! Besides, kung dili tungod sa blogging di ta magkaila! | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

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