During sembreak, I made some plans here detailing my anticipation to catch up with a few of my friends. Sembreak was the perfect time for me to resuscitate from school work and whatnot. After a few tweets here and there, we finally set a date with my best friends to visit Coffee Prince Cebu!  Inspired by the 2007 comedy-drama hit Coffee Prince, this Korean café has given fans a taste of the series itself with its delicious concoctions and dishes!

Coffee Prince Cebu Facade x

Coffee Prince Cebu Outdoor - Chasing Bleu

I like how everything in the place is so oddly beautiful, a place set distinctively amidst the busy streets near the Capitol area. We didn’t have trouble finding it because, aside from its location, you can easily distinguish its façade painted in white and a huge sunflower painted in a blue backdrop at the back.

Coffee Prince Cebu: Food and Drinks

Coffee Prince Cebu Foods

Java Chip Frappuccino (P175) | Cappuccino Espresso (P140) | Blueberry Cheesecake (P160) | Creamy Pasta (P200)

Coffee Prince Cebu Java Chip Frappuccino

Coffee Prince Cebu Foods

You’ll definitely love how the drinks are served in their glass mugs. We were seated on the second floor because the lower area was crowded with folks waiting for their orders as well. The interior design is simple, yet quaint. The cubicle has a set of pillows and a teddy bear. Honestly, I loved the design on the first floor even better, but the crowd just made it unbearable for us.

Coffee Prince Cebu Love Locks

Unlike most cafes that I’d visited, Coffee Prince Cebu serves a wider variety of foods other than the usual ramen and honey bread that most Korean cafes here in Cebu try to specialize in.  Even better, the foods don’t taste bland at all!

Coffee Prince Cebu Styleshoot x

Coffee Prince Cebu Rooms

Coffee Prince Cebu Cubicle

However, one of the most common downsides in visiting cafes such as Coffee Prince Cebu is that you sometimes pay a hefty price just for a regular-sized drink. It costs almost close to a Starbucks drink, but nonetheless, you are also paying for the experience and Instagram-worthy place that you keep snapping pictures on, so I guess that is understandable.

Coffee Prince Cebu Friends x

Coffee Prince Cebu Friends Get-together x

Coffee Prince Cebu Friends Bonding x

As for my friends, I’m glad that I was finally able to catch up with them. Though we see each other at most thrice a year, it feels good knowing we will always be the best of friends no matter what. You know that kind of thing where you are like old and new friends all at once – maybe that’s what kept our friendship so enticing all these years. Bonding with my girls will always be my favorite!

Coffee Prince Cebu Quaint Details x

With regards to my expectations, Coffee Prince Cebu even exceeded my usual café experience because of the food and ambiance of the place. The only thing I could really justify was the influx of people, how inconvenient it sometimes was because it’s flocking almost every hour to order a frappuccino or two. I don’t think I’ll ever wonder why though – this café has definitely lived up to its hype.

Coffee Prince Cebu Love Locks x

Have you tried this lovely café in Cebu? What do you think? Do you have a place to recommend? Comment below and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Coffee Prince Cebu
#0246 Capitol Site
(Across Cebu Doctor’s Hospital)
Cebu City, Philippines
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  1. Wow this is def uniquely beautiful. The Java Chip Frappuccino and creamy pasta looks mouth watering. One certainly cannot miss Coffee Prince Cebu….as the blue walls with the bright yellow sunflower will surely lead you to great tasting food.

  2. My family loves this cafe! visited this cafe a couple of times and I still want to keep on coming back~♥
    Have you tried visiting Cafe Tiala? It’s just a little cafe but it’s pretty~

  3. I was able to watch Coffee Prince twice or thrice. Hahaha. I just love the story and the characters ♥ The frappe and the cheesecake looks good. Hopefully I can visit Cebu next year 🙂

  4. It looks cozy and I really like sitting on the floor. Lol. But I guess too many people are still curious about this place so most of the time it will be jampacked with expectant so you really can’t expect to have a quite time in here. 🙂 But I would really love to go there once I had the chance to wonder in Cebu. 😀

  5. My friend and I tried to visit this cafe last Nov.1 but unfortunately, close sila, so instead, nag cafe talk nalng me. 🙁

    Gnahan jud unta ko mu try dnhe na cafe kay I’ve heard a lot of good feedback na plus this, another one 😀
    Puhon..puhon,, haha


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