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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, from the milk tea wonderland of Taiwan, now offers its signature drinks at their newly-opened stores in Cebu. Here are some deets on their best-sellers, menu, prices, delivery options, and more.

With the launch of their flagship stores in Cebu and a third one still underway, the response to the milk tea clamor is far from over. CoCo Milk Tea now has branches opened at SM Seaside City and Ayala Center Cebu in just a span of six months, all ready to serve their succulent and refreshing drinks to eager Cebuanos.

Let’s take a look at their new and best-selling drinks, plus which ones topped our recommendation:

Try These CoCo Milk Tea Best-Selling Drinks

2 Ladies Milk Tea

Keeping it simple with the add-ons, 2 Ladies features their mildly sweet pudding and chewy tapioca pearls along with a refreshing burst of their milk tea.

[NEW] Caramel Chocolate Cream

The newest concoction available only in the Philippines, the Caramel Chocolate Cream is a chocolate slush drizzled with saucy caramel and velvety salty cream. It’s the perfect beverage for those wanting to try something else other than their go-to milk tea orders and, of course, loves the flavor of caramel.

Salty Cream Milk Tea

This drink is quite reminiscent to all other variations of cheese-topped tea that became a hit combo, especially in Taiwan as most milk tea fans know. While other shops use cream cheese or cheese powder, CoCo Milk Tea’s version is a frothy combination of fresh milk and Himalayan salt.

It’s one of my personal favorites since I’m a fan of “cheese tea,” and theirs has just the right mix of saltiness and creaminess.

Chocolate Milk Tea With Pudding and Pearl

Chocolate lovers won’t be left out of the fun as CoCo also offers a milk tea combo with — you guessed it — chocolate flavor, with extra add-ons of black pearls and creamy pudding.

Salty Cream Winter Melon Tea

While other milk tea shops get frequent requests of winter melon due to it being a more well-known choice, CoCo kicks it up a notch by blending winter melon tea with salty cream and frothed milk, giving a delightful balance to its natural fruity flavor and sweetness.

3 Buddies Milk Tea

If you want a step-up from the pudding-pearl combo of the 2 Ladies, this one is topped with add-ons of varied textures — pudding, grass jelly, and black pearls — for your tongue and drinking pleasure.

Panda Milk Tea

CoCo’s go-to order by their customers is the Panda Milk Tea, which combines both types of boba — the white pearls, or commonly known as sago, and the typical black tapioca pearls we all know. Quite a fun combo, too, as both have varying textures and sizes.

Passion Fruit Tea Burst

This refreshing fruit tea has an intense tangy flavor of the passion fruit. It’s got a handful of seeds, coconut jelly, and pudding, too — a mixture of contrasting textures that’ll invigorate your taste buds.

CoCo Milk Tea Menu and Price List

Check out their full menu and prices below. Click to see the full image.

CoCo Milk Tea Menu and Prices

CoCo Milk Tea in Cebu, Philippines – Review

When CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice was brought to the Philippines five years ago, who would have thought it’d continue to grow its fan base up until present?

“We felt that the CoCo brand and the Cebuano lifestyle are a perfect match. Cebuanos are known for their love for good food and having a fun, relaxed vibe. They also love to hang out with their friends and families and these are exactly what CoCo stands for.” — Larry Tan, CoCo Philippines General Manager

As a milk tea fan myself, I would gladly say CoCo is on par with the likes of popular milk tea brands in Cebu, such as Macao Imperial Tea, Dakasi, Gong Cha, and more in terms of the premium quality of drinks.

It recently garnered the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Milk Tea Brand from Our Awesome Planet and World Food Expo Philippines. This comes as no surprise to me since they have been well-received by Filipinos since 2014.

At present, CoCo is already eyeing to branch out to five more cities in the country before the year ends, and that’s something we could all look forward to.

Cozy Ambiance and Instagrammable Setup

Aside from their convenient location inside the mall which inevitably draws customers like a moth, the place is patterned similar to other CoCo chain stores across the Philippines. Pretty lamps are hung overhead with enough comfortable wooden chairs and tables to accommodate a crowd. While it resembles the same casual and Instagrammable setup, its Cebu leg has a design that’s still unique to its own.

CoCo Milk Tea Now Delivers in Cebu City

The strong demand for CoCo Milk Tea is clearly demonstrated by the fact that one cup is sold every four minutes via delivery alone. And so, to satisfy our cravings and need for a quick milk tea fix, CoCo has partnered with Grab Food to deliver right to our doorsteps. Simply pick up your phone and make an order through their app!

Contact + More Information

Contact: (315) 575-9298

Webpage: CoCo Tea PH

Location: 2nd Level Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

Price Range: P400 for 2 persons

Opening Hours: 10AM – 9PM

Cuisine/Type: Drinks, Milk Tea Shop

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