Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu: Must-try Palatable Dishes

Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu is a well-known food haven by Cebuanos for their Brian’s Ribs, and I couldn’t agree more. I remember taking in that delectable dish for the first time, hunger was raging on me, yet I tried my hardest to act bashful as I wallow in for a bite. But digging deeper than that, Casa Verde actually offers more than the bestseller ribs specialty to which they excel at. Let me introduce here some of the dishes that were just as equally a stunner to my taste buds.

Just like every person with multitudes of history, Casa Verde has also inculcated a long line of history since the conception of its first branch at Ramos, Cebu. Since then until the present times, this favorite place of mine has expanded to four branches already – with the SM Seaside Cebu branch being the most recent one.

Walking in to their restaurant reminds me of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s simply for its dainty and modern interiors. It is enlivened further by the center seating attraction with wooden tables and expansive cushioned seats good for 4-6 people. There are wooden seats and tables on either side, with an extension at the back which could easily accommodate large groups of diners.

Light, airy, and has a good view of the yellowish hues of sunset – more than the ambiance, what I love about Casa Verde is how they primarily aim for quality and satisfaction. There’s an imprint embedded on each of their servings, and that is why I myself, as a mere diner, continues to patronize the food from this place.

Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu: Appetizers

The appetizers started off with an otherworldly creation called the Green Bites. Soft, slightly cheesy, and naturally healthy. Though it has a resemblance of a meatball, this fried ball of greens actually consists of broccoli, onions, bacon, and cheese – which is, admittedly, quite an interesting crunchy appetizer to start you off with your meal.

Left to Right: Green Bites, Southwest Eggrolls

The Southwest Egg Rolls also has greens in the form of spinach, but this time merged together with chicken, spices, black beans, and corn. Their Chicken Quesadilla has a notably salty hint, but its sauces actually make the flavors linger.

Chicken Quesadilla

A few months ago when my friends and I visited this place, we ordered their Sampler Appetizer with no hesitation.  Their buffalo wings are worth a try for its thick, flavorful sauce seasoned to tender goodness. Put together in this sampler as well are the golden fried cheese and cheese potato skims sided with bleu cheese, sour cream, and marinara sauce for its dips.

Sampler Appetizer

By the time the appetizers were done and the meal has just started, I was already full. Another good thing to note in Casa Verde is how their giant servings could settle for two people. Even a student on a budget could learn to love the perks of dining in this restaurant – I’d been there and I totally do not regret that.

Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu: Sandwiches

Because Mighty Ton Burger is already one with Brian’s Ribs for its fame, we deviated from it and hooked up instead with another popular and sumptuous choice. The Count of Monte Cristo Sandwich, a name derived from a book our National Hero favored, is a messy pile of ham, two types of cheese, and turkey finished with a batter and fried to golden perfection. The side dip, which is raspberry jam, may seem a little off-putting at first, but its sweet taste gives a plethora of complement to the sandwich.

Count of Monte Cristo Sandwich

Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu: Main Course

Again, we deviated to another sumptuous choice aside from the Brian’s Ribs for a piece of protein from meat for we had the Surf ‘n Turf. Quality is even more prominent as its rib eye steak is a USDA choice. The charbroiled steak comes with vegetable medley and fried prawns on its side.

Surf ‘n Turf

A personal favorite is the Raffitas, a dish that ought of be wrapped in a tortilla with a simultaneous mix of fajita vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream. Additionally, there is beef and chicken (throw in both to get an oozing mouthful of flavors) included to complete this combo of nutritious veggies and meat.


Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu: Pasta

To indulge more of irresistible carbs, we opted to try the Southwest Pasta and Seafood Carbonara. Though at that moment, our appetite has apparently reduced because our tummies just can’t fathom what it’s digesting any further.

Left to Right: Seafood Carbonara, Southwest Pasta

Southwest Pasta is a must-try for its unique flavor bursting through the penne pasta, its sauce, and vegetable ingredients with honey butter on the side.

Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu: Drinks

They have coolers and fruit shakes in huge varieties that we took in a different flavor for each one of us. I’m definitely comforted whenever I see strawberry drinks, and much more with its shake assortment.

Left to Right: Jon’s Mix, Strawberry Shake, Four Seasons Juice

Chocolate Banana Shake

Once more, Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu has wooed my foodie spirit once again by satiating our stomachs with good interesting sorts of palates. I’ve continued to be a fan of this enticingly gastronomic stop, and more so, many dining opportunities will happen in the future.

Casa Verde has branches in Cebu in the following areas: IT Park, Ramos, Ayala Center Cebu, and SM Seaside City Cebu.

Casa Verde SM Seaside Cebu
3rd Level, Sky Park, SM Seaside City
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  1. Ahhh when was the last time I visited Cebu? It’s been years, well, almost a decade now. I did visit Casa Verde but it’s their old branch and I could not forget the ribs and the iced tea served in a glass that was more of a vase for me. Hahaha! The food you featured looked really tempting. I’ll be sure to visit the restaurant at SM Seaside when I get the chance to visit.

  2. Wow! It looks so delicious! 🙂 I am heading to Cebu in September, so it’s really great to get an idea about the restaurant there. Also, your other restaurant reviews are great and the photos are very tempting.

  3. Back when we traveled to Cebu for work (in Ayala Center, to be specific), I remember a lot of people passing by, asking us where this Casa Verde is located. And being new to the place, I had no idea where it is or WHAT IT IS. So my workmates and I came to see what the fuss is all about. And ta-da. The place was jam-packed. Apparently, it’s a hit, especially with tourists! Their interior + ambiance look really good! Very instagram-worthy! HAHA. I haven’t tried the food yet but I bet it tastes as good as it looks. 😉

    Love, Da. | The Diary Queen

  4. wow, i love the way you took all the pictures! I have never thought that this is located in Cebu! I will having lunch with my family there on my son`s 2nd birthday celebration!

  5. Oh I like small dishes, what looks like a little bit South American food too. Quasadillas are my favorite and wraps in general are great. Too bad they don’t have wifi but the place looks cosy and when going there with your loved one or family; who needs wifi?

  6. Definitely one of the must go place of mine in Cebu. But I still need to save a bit more to be able to visit SM Seaside Cebu. For the meantime, I’ll be in Iloilo the next months. I hope soon enough it’ll be 300km far more. 😀

  7. Oh wow! I love Casa Verde’s new look! It gives the place a cool and fresh ambiance. It looks like a restaurant in front of a beach or something 😉

    For me, their food is a 5 out of 5 as always. I remember the first time I dined in their I.T Park branch, me and my friends had to wait for like 20 minutes to be seated. A lot of people insist on writing their names on the list and wait patiently for an empty table. No wonder because the wait is totally worth it 🙂

  8. This is my kind of place! I love love love Monte Cristo Sandwiches! And the meat looked so good, too! I could eat the sampler appetizer all day long. I am so glad you had a great dinner at what looks to be a pretty great place!

  9. Thanks for posting this!! I felt like I was actually there while reading and I wanted to eat the Monte Cristo posted. You made it all come to life and my mouth was watering.

  10. I adored reading this article and viewing all your images! They are so clear with such a perfect exposure!

    I wish I could have joined you, it looked like an amazing day and absolutely delicious!

    Stay Amazing

  11. This post just got me thinking: I haven’t been to Cebu in over ten years! It’s good to see many new developments popping up. Casa Verde looks like my kind of place, too; I love things like wraps or flatbreads. Thanks for sharing! Checking your other recommendations, too.

  12. Interior looks nice and perfect for mall setting, isn’t it? Overall design looks cozy for casual dining. It’s a bummer they don’t have WiFi. Personally, I feel establishments, all establishments, should provide internet connection service.

    As for food, do they serve salads too?

    1. I agree with you so much on the WiFi part. Haha. I’m pretty sure they have salads, though I’m not sure if it’s available on this branch. I’ve seen Caesar salad on their other branches and it looks scrumptious!

  13. Is this a new branch? I’ve been to the Ayala branch and the one that’s near the Circle. I forgot! Haha Looking at the photos, I think this has the best interior! And it is more accessible because it’s in SM. Sayang, under construction palang yung seaside nung nagpunta kami.

    I love Casa Verde, see, I’ve been there twice already on my 4 trips to Cebu! Haha. I love their burgers and the shake! Sobrang satisfying ng meals, busog ka talaga! 🙂

    I want to try the pasta next time. I’ve tried the meals and burgers na. Pasta next time 🙂 And hopefully in this branch naman 🙂

  14. Seaside’s Casa Verde looks a lot nicer than of the one in Ayala. Plus, your photos are very much convincing Mimi. Really good! 😀 I’ve only visited SM Seaside once, layo kaayo gud. Hope I’ll be back soon and try their Casa Verde there.

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