It seems like you’ll never run out of new places to try in Cebu these days. This time, we landed on this perfect place to hang out with friends and find an affordable array of food that’s timely for your kwentuhan session. Alburs Pizza Burger Grill offers delicious kinds of comfort food for your entire group of friends to enjoy. They have pizza, burgers, pasta, and other main courses that will surely satiate your inner foodie. We tried some of their best sellers, which you can see below:

Alburs Pizza Burger Grill: Appetizers

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Vietnamese Spring Roll
Vietnamese Spring Roll
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Prawn Tempura
Prawn Tempura

Top to Bottom: Vietnamese Spring Roll (Php 150), Fresh Spring Roll (Php 60), Prawn Crackling Tempura (Php 180)

Recommended: The Vietnamese Roll is my favorite, especially when dipped with its own special sauce. The tempura’s sauce has the right kind of consistency, so I’d say it was quite flavorful as well.

Alburs Pizza Burger Grill: Pizza

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Albor's Pizza
Albor’s Pizza
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant 4Season Pizza
4Season Pizza
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Jandrick's Pizza
Jandrick’s Pizza
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Truffle Pizza
Truffle Pizza

Recommended: Oh, the never-ending choices! I had a lot of favorites, but the Jandrick Pizza, which name was derived from one of the partners’ name, really topped it. Next is the Truffle Pizza, which is Chef Albor’s personal favorite, that tastes just as equally good especially when sprinkled with the right amount of hot sauce. Basically, I love everything cheesy, and these two just incorporated cheese into its ingredient without overdoing it.

The 4Season Pizza is Albur’s bestseller, though, and really worth trying! This pizza boasts of its incredible flavor selections – tomatoes, mushroom, grilled chicken, and pepperoni.

Alburs Pizza Burger Grill: Burgers & Sandwiches

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Burgers

Clockwise, Left to Right: Southside Burger (Php 160), Truffle Burger (Php 190), Heart Stopper (Php 240)

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Heart Stopper Burger
Heart Stopper Burger
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Bahn Mi
Bahn Mi

Recommended: Who could ever resist such a mouth-watering combination of burger buns and steak + fries? The Heart Stopper has an additional twist, but I definitely loved how thick the Truffle Burger’s meat is and just how flavorful it gets with its white cream.

Their burgers have fries on the side and can be bought at such an affordable price.

Alburs Pizza Burger Grill: Noodles & Pasta

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Seafood Pho
Seafood Pho
Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Linguine Vongole
Linguine Vongole

Top to Bottom: Seafood Pho (Php 160), Linguine Vongole (Php 190)

If you want to try something new for a change, their menu also consists of seafood pasta and noodles. Just a little note on the Linguine Vongole, though – there’s a hint of liquor in there, but that just adds a little bit of oomph to its taste.

Alburs Pizza Burger Grill: Main Courses

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Confit Kawali
Confit Kawali

Of course, if you’re up to getting a well-deserved dinner, then you have to try their main courses. The adobo rice that comes with the Confit Kawali stands out as it is perfectly laden with flavorful seasonings that will tingle your taste buds.

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant US Striploin Beef
US Striploin Beef

Recommended: As much as I love the Confit Kawali, I’d definitely go for beef! Their US Striploin Beef is tender and juicy, and you’ll love its curry, too. It’s a little bit on the higher-priced side (yet compared to other restaurants, this meal could easily range two to three times pricier), but given how every bite was just extremely satisfying, you’ll have no regrets.


As I’d said, this place is perfect for hangouts or exclusive parties with your friends. An ice cold beer is definitely much welcomed after a tiring or stressed day out. The place is located in the heart of the city, yet you’ll find that it’s also far away from its bustling noise. It sits in a secluded area and just at a walking distance away from Sarrosa Hotel in Mabolo, Cebu City.

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Counter

They have bean bags if you want to bask around under the golden sun during sundown, as the restaurant usually opens at around 3PM.  It is an open-space area except for the counter where you can have your orders and the private function room beside it that’s air-conditioned.

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Table

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Sink

Another seating options are their long tables for large groups wherein its tabletops were crafted by various artists, as well as square tables with long, cushioned seats. With its al fresco setup, you’ll definitely love staying here even longer.

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Mural Design

Albur's Pizza Burger Grill Restaurant Mural Art

We stayed at their function room where a huge mural painting of popular countries’ destinations fills the entire area of a wall. It has sliding glass doors and comfortable boxed seats in addition to the tables as its facilities.

Alburs is just the right place to unwind and get together with friends. I totally wouldn’t mind lounging around here all day – so long as it does not rain!

Alburs Restaurant Cebu
Location : Gen. Lim St., Villa Aurora,
Mabolo, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Operation Hours : Mondays – Sundays (3 PM to 12 Midnight)
Contact: (032) 513 9147
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  1. OMG , that could so be my daily place to go to ! The pizzas look so moist and crispy , I love most of all that up there . Burgers and the meat dishes look so yummy . I am amazed by the wide range of different dishes you can choose from . Very nice place , the interior also is very eye catching .

  2. I agree with your opening statement! Looks like there is always a new restaurant Cebu bloggers can write about. I love the rate thingy you have on this review and your photos! I’m always appreciative of people who can take good photos of food – since I can’t seem to do it. The spring rolls and pizza ones are making me hungry now, lol.

  3. “It seems like you’ll never run out of new places to try in Cebu these days.” I agree! I can’t even keep up na but I’m not complaining! Albur’s seems to be THE perfect place to be with your barkada. I’ll suggest this to them. Thanks, Mim!

  4. “It seems like you’ll never run out of new places to try in Cebu these days.” I agree! I can’t even keep up na but I’m not complaining! Albur’s seems to be THE perfect place to be with your barkada. I’ll just this to them. Thanks, Mim!

  5. You make me hungry, Mimi. This is the fist time I’ve seen your blog since forever yest you did this to me. How could you? Hahaha. I miss you, Mimi. I hope you still remember me!

  6. Oh gosh! Don’t we just love good food in a good place? The photos all look awesome! You have given a good review of the place, I wish it’s located just around the block and not miles and miles away, so I could go and check it out!

  7. Wow I love that they have pizza, burger and main course in one restaurant. They are my favorites! I will definitely check this out when I visit Cebu! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Mimi! I love the way you rate and blog about food places lage! Hahaha. The rate thingy is so helpful! I’m so proud of you and your blog. I wouldn’t get surprised if one day sikat na food blogger naka sa Cebu! 🙂

  9. Alburs’ place is so minimalist. Simple yet elegant. The foods like the burger, fries and the pizza and other meals are well plated. I believe the price of the pizza is just right. Alburs is a good hangout for people who loves to chill with friends. Hope it has a branch in Manila.

  10. How I wish I am familiar with Cebu’s streets, so I could easily stop here when I needed to eat something that can full my stomach! 🙂

    I like the 4 seasons pizza! I see mushrooms, one of my faves! And also, that tempura is wow! I also like to try their burgers and fries 🙂

  11. Whaaat. Im not sure if the food and place are just pisturesque or if it’s your photos but I love it. How I wish we have something like this here in Manila. Really craving right now. Haha!

  12. Dang! Why did I have to see this at 12 AM after skipping one (or two) meals today? Hahaha. I wanted to pluck them off-screen and get down to business. Cebu seems to be booming with destinations these days! Haven’t been, but the more I see people posting sites in the area, the more I want to go.

  13. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about Cebu lately, mostly food related post. And this is another post convincing me to go to Cebu!!! I’m such a pizza lover. I’ll take note of this, great review and photos. Nakakagutom!!!!

  14. I love burger! Goddang I wish Cebu is not that far from Manila then I could try Alburs right at this moment hahaha… Oh well, I’d just keep this place in mind when I finally revisit Cebu; I think it’s high time that I do.

  15. Those appetizers sure look appetizing! Oh, the photos of the food make me hungry. It’s been awhile since I last went to Cebu. My last was two years ago, for Yolanda. But most of my visits there are for business so I didn’t get to explore the city, such trying eateries like this. I’ll note this down so I know where to go the next time I’m there.

  16. For me, you can never go wrong with burgers… it’s one of my guilty pleasures! What really caught my interest here is that Prawn Crackling Tempura (I don’t know if it’s the right dish but it’s the fourth picture)… I find it quite bizarre-looking but really fascinating!
    I also find the set up really relaxing and the place looks really spacious too! Only if Cebu is just a ride away, i would have visited this place with my friends

  17. Wrong move kaayo, gutom ko ron but ako gihapon gi open :'( Mimi, why you do this? Huhu. Badly want to try their 4Season Pizza, everything actually. Lagyo ilang tables, ganahan ko ani dah! Great photos, Mi! 😀

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