It’s been more than a week since the New Year has commenced and so far, I’m feeling quite productive, thanks to the Woman, Create planner I got. If you’re like me who spends every 12th month of the year trying to scour the best planner available, then believe me, you’ll know the struggle of choosing the right one. Its purpose in my life can take credit of why I always stay on top of things – given that I’m a college student, blogger, freelancer, virtual assistant, and a hobbyist all rolled into one. Here are more photos and insights below:

Woman, Create Planner 2015

To say that I’m picky when it comes to planners is an understatement. It was hard deliberating which one is the perfect one for me amidst the perpetual new releases in the market these days.

I have several factors determined first when choosing the right planner for me. It must have: 1) enough space to write all my agenda for the day, 2) interesting and useful features (like a bucket list page, savings tracker, pages for notes and scribbles etc) and 3) graphics that are either artistic or minimalistic – or anything between those lines, that’s fine.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 Page Sample

Well, I hate it when I let myself get irresponsible and behind the schedule sometimes because of my inability to shift back to focus once I get distracted. There are some weeks when I’d get so caught up with all the brouhaha in life because I couldn’t manage my time properly.

Lately, I’ve incorporated my New Year’s resolutions accordingly to my daily planner, hopeful that by the end of the year, I’d get to accomplish more than half of it. On that note, it’s getting busier everyday with new client projects coming up, work, school, etc – so you could tell how congested this year is going to be for me.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 - Creative Notebook

But there is no such thing as being busy – really, it all boils down to time management.

This year, one of my resolutions is to completely engulf myself with more experiences and manage my shit altogether. Well, 2015 has taught me better, and I’ll be bringing these lessons with me on the remaining days of the year.

Woman, Create

Woman, Create Planner 2015 Cover page

Featuring the first edition of the 365 Wonders 2016 Planner, Woman, Create is a planner-slash-art book that highlights the works of talented local artists, illuminators, writers, and dreamers alike. They bind together a joyous masterpiece, which makes a great companion for the rest of the year to induce creativity in every page. This planner is great if you want to find new inspirations and ideas for your creative journey with its every page filled with art, stories, poetries, lines, and wonderfully-thought insights.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 Creative Works

I’d tweeted upon the start of the year my unmistaken determination to have more creative pursuits this 2016, and to make it more alive, I decided to order this planner for my own sake. The past year was too much a struggle for me and that came with realizations about doing well in time management.

I personally chose this planner because it suits well with my aesthetic and I admire its entire message of living life creatively and with happiness that go beyond what they sell.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 April Page

Aside from the artistic approach of the Woman,  Create planner, I find it great that the page is spacious enough to list down an entire day’s agenda. There is an idea corner located at the bottom of the page where I could scribble down my thoughts, list down the steps to accomplish my personal projects, or simply recall all the happy memories happening within the week.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 - Creative Poem

I’m simply suffocated with the thoughts of what this year should be, of what I should accomplish by the end of it, and with that come the simultaneous attempts to battle my laziness and procrastination.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 Insta Section

The quintessential benefits of having a planner are numerous, and I’m sure a lot could attest to that. I dig planners where I could freely express myself yet at the same time stay organized. I couldn’t pull my shit altogether without the use of one because, admittedly sad as it is, my brain functions one-sidedly.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 - Creative Planning

Here, I just literally fell in love with the Woman, Create’s pages. Take a look at it for yourself. That’s just the sneak peak – the upcoming monthly pages have a lot more in store than that.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 - Creative Design

Woman, Create Planner 2015

Moreover, I am really looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. I’m widening up myself to the new opportunities, experiences, and goals that I will acquire, no matter what it takes.

Woman, Create Planner 2015 Quote

  1. I am not into planners, but my friends are. Well, I do love art so this planner interests me. I wish you best of luck for 2017. I hope you don’t fall behind schedule. 🙂

  2. Funny but up until now i haven’t got a new planner for myself yet! What i just bought was desktop calendar! And that’s where i doodle everything and every sched and “some” plans. While i keep an old journal that is not yet full eversince the world began. Haha! I love your planner its very feminine and seems to be very empowering! Woman na woman! Goodluck to 2017!

  3. That planner really gets my attention. Actually, before I read your post, I spent some time studying the details of your newly bought planner. It is really awesome and I felt like I also wanted to buy one for myself. I think this one is what every woman should have.

  4. It’s almost 2017 now and I’m realizing I need a planner! I’ve never had a planner. SO I was glad to read this. I think this one looks very nice. I’m now going to look around for planners. To see what I can find. I like the artistic approach here. So creative. Did you enjoy using the planner throughout the year?

    1. I ordered it online actually. I think you can buy it only at the Heima store, if I’m not mistaken. I’m from Cebu so I had it shipped 🙂 You can check out their FB page to order one!

  5. Thanks for the sneak peek, Mimi!
    I love how the planner looks and that it’s more than just the usual blank, dated pages of a regular planner.
    I like the layout, the prints, the photos, as well as being spacious enough to jot down what needs to be done for the day. With that said, it’s fun to look at, which helps in motivating you into finishing tasks.
    Nice post, Mi! 🙂

    1. Haha writing actually makes me more productive than just having it as a reminder on my phone. I like keeping it as a habit where I get a specific time to write all my plans for the day. It makes me feel more accomplished, haha!

  6. I am not a planner-person, never had one but seeing your planner makes me think of finally getting one. It’s so pretty Mimi. And you’re such a hardworking person. Good luck to all your future plans. I hope you accomplish them in time ????

    All the love, A

  7. This looks very stylish and kinda like 50% planner and 50% women’s magazine because of the stuff inside.. haha. I saw this last year but I already purchased a planner at the time so, too late for me! But I think the Instagram inspiration area is not necessary na to be added.. haha.

  8. This planner looks so elegant and artistic!If I were to have this, I might not use it at all because I’ll ruin its beauty haha good thing I’m not into planners, I don’t have to think about a lot of actors in choosing one. Hehe

    Good for you, for choosing what you like! 🙂 Good luck with the planning! 🙂

    1. I actually have two! Hahaha I didn’t use the other one because I just like staring at it. Jk I’m actually making a photo diary out of the second one, but I still haven’t used it until now. 🙂

  9. Two weeks have passed and I have written only one entry on my planner. Maybe I was disappointed with that planner that I got from Starbucks because it’s not spacey and the quality of the paper is not what I expected it to be.

    Your planner looks better than any planner I’ve seen, and knowing it has a decent space for notes. And seeing those artworks means the paper is thick?

    I should get a new one before the month ends. Any suggestion for a guy-ish? 😛

    1. I agree, I was quite disappointed with Starbucks’ planner last year. I was actually planning to get one, but when they revealed the design, it just didn’t make an impact. And yes, the paper is thick! I could use heavy inked pens without the page blotting (at least, so far).

      Oh, I’m not so familiar with guy-ish planners. 🙁 You could try checking out Serenitea’s Diary though or The Giving Planner by CBTL! They have it in “manly” colors and it’s actually quite spacious, too. 🙂

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