Gastronomic Trips

Seafood Island Cebu: Boodle Fights and Fresh Seafood

Seafood Island Cebu Review - Chasing Bleu

Seafood Island Cebu is one of the top favorite dining destinations if you’re looking for some freshly-cooked seafood and enjoyable boodle fights. Being on an island surrounded by the sea while still living in a metro kind of lifestyle, I’d been exposed to various seafood preparations that we Cebuanos take pride in. Ever heard of SuTuKil? At Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Cebu restaurant, we got to try the culinary specialties of the different regions across the country. Let’s learn more about what they offer below: Continue Reading

Blogging Introspections

“Are you a blogger?”: What my dying passion for blogging made me realize

blogging tips and branding

Blogging has been such a wonderful part of my daily life. Since I started writing on online platforms around 5 years ago and took blogging seriously just last year, it felt like the community has grown so much. Sadly, there was a case when I wasn’t happy anymore of what I was doing. The flame has died, close to burnt out. The craft which I loved doing suddenly felt indifferent. And it wasn’t just because I got tired of it, no. Continue Reading

Gastronomic Trips

Fudge Restaurant Cebu: Foods to Love Aside from Their Desserts

Fudge Restaurant Cebu

Fudge Restaurant Cebu, a place popularly known for their Lava Cakes, became my destination one Saturday night when my spirit was crushed and exhausted from all the school work. Dessert is my safe haven, and I’m the one who doesn’t deprive myself of that. On Zomato’s 3rd Foodie Meetup, I joined them to experience something other than Fudge’s heavenly selections of dessert. Continue Reading


JPark Island Resort and Waterpark Day Tour Guide: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

JPark Island Resort Day Tour Guide

As of this writing, I’d already visited JPark Island Resort and Waterpark a lot of times now for work trips, blogging events, or staycations, and I simply can’t get enough of it. This five-star hotel and resort in Mactan, Cebu has a lot of facilities to make sure you get the best experience, so even their day use rate is worth the price. For you to maximize further your day tour and staycations, here are five (5) things in this resort that shouldn’t miss! Continue Reading

Gastronomic Trips

Room for Dessert SM Seaside City Cebu: Review + Top Picks

Room for Dessert SM Seaside City Cebu

Room for Dessert is just a stone’s throw away from Casa Verde, so you could definitely guess where our next food destination was right after our heavy meal. Personally, I’m the type who considers a meal incomplete without ensuing a much-needed dessert. Even if it’s just a pudding or a bite of chocolate, I always appreciate having something sweet to munch on. There we had some blended drinks, cakes, and soft serve ice creams with melt-in-your-mouth fairy floss, among the many kinds of post-meal delights and snacks that they offer. Continue Reading

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Travel Diary: Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort Sweet Escape

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort Review

Bancogon, Oslob Cebu – Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort was the ultimate paradise I wish I could wake up to every day of my life. This beautiful island is situated off the South Eastern Coast of Cebu and surrounded by the lush greeneries of the forest and big splashing waves of the cerulean sea. It was a momentary sweet escape for me, a rare chance to cheerily flee away from the chaos of life, even for a short while. Continue Reading